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PDO Max Thread FAQs – Answering Your Questions

At one point, you had to learn how to use that laptop, smartphone, smartwatch, or another new hot gadget. The process was likely to slow, maybe even a little frustrating, but nowadays, you can’t imagine struggling to use that familiar…

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PDO Max Threads – Cutting Edge Cosmetic Technology Explored

When average people hear the word “technology,” they think laptops, smartphones, AI. But technology advances in unexpected industries too, far beyond the digital devices we’re so familiar with.  The cosmetic industry is one such incubator for cutting-edge technology of a…

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PDO Threads (Client Version)

There’s a new beauty craze among celebrities: thread lifts. This non-invasive cosmetic procedure gives you those coveted cat eyes and high-arched brows, which can explain the Sphinx-like beauty of many Instagram personalities. One Hollywood superstar that sung praises about this…

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PDO Thread Lift – Mini Facelift

The skin on your neck is one of the parts of your face that ages early. The skin in that area is already very thin to begin with; so it’s highly susceptible to laxity. Combined with sun exposure and constantly…

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