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“Having tried most PDO brands on the market, I have found the tensile strength and reliability of PDO Max to be unparalleled. They are the only threads I trust to provide the consistent, reliable results my patients expect.”

Dr. Dina BenDavid, DNP, MS, FNP-C
Owner & Founder, Divine Beauty + Wellness

“My clients and I are absolutely obsessed with PDO Max threads… the thread lift procedure not only addresses aging, but results are instant and look completely natural. I had an incredible training experience with PDO Max trainer Dr. Dina BenDavid, she was so thorough during our time together and ensured that I felt comfortable while learning. Before the end of my training, I felt confident that I was going to deliver safe and excellent results to all my clients. Thank you PDO Max!”

Dr. Francesca Walters
Aire Med Spa, Sarasota, FL

“My training with Dr. Dina BenDavid was one of the best training experiences I’ve had to date. Before incorporating threads into my practice, I wanted to be sure I was making the right choice with both product quality and patient satisfaction. Therefore, I did extensive research and talked with a number of trusted colleagues. PDO Max and Dr. Dina came highly recommended. I had heard of Dina because of her reputation as a leading expert in threads. My colleagues also raved about her as a trainer… and they were right!

The training with her was absolutely phenomenal! It was a full day with both didactic and hands-on, where she taught a variety of specialized techniques on multiple different models. Not only is she an expert in her craft and an excellent trainer, but she is a joy to train with! Her energy and passion made learning fun. What I appreciate the most is how much support she’s given to me after the training. Dina has been available and helpful whenever I have a question, no matter how small. I’m truly grateful that I was able to learn from her and feel I made the best choice for my patients by choosing PDO Max.”

Jocelyn Brackett, FNP-BC, CANS
Gerrish Med Esthetics, Vienna, VA, @injector_joss

Dina with PDO Max was a godsend for me! I couldn’t get a hold of anyone to help when I was having a complication with a thread that I’ve never dealt with before. Even though the threads I used were not from the company she trains for, she graciously reached out and gave me all the support and information that I needed. And, on a weekend!  I will never forget this – thank you!”

Sonya Ellis, MSN, CPSN, CANS
the L.A.B. med spa, Southlake,TX

“I recently had the pleasure and good fortune to train on PDO Max with Dr Dina BenDavid. After doing much research on the different thread products out there, we chose PDO Max due to their comprehensive training and FDA clearances. I can’t even explain just how detailed this training was. After the training, I felt that I would actually be comfortable performing threads on a variety patients. This was something I did not experience after a group training I attended by another company.

The training was very individualized and hands on and Dr. Dina went above and beyond. We went way past the time allotted, but we were never rushed. Dr Dina was so generous with her time and knowledge. She is brilliant and talented and yet so approachable. You feel like you are training with your best friend! She will absolutely make sure you are comfortable before the training is complete and that you have had opportunity to use every type of thread and in every area of the face and neck. Even after the training, she has generously been there to answer any questions and help determine treatment plans. Honestly, I don’t know why you would use any other thread company or any other trainer!”

Sheila Surdu, RN
Gerrish Med Esthetics, Vienna, VA

“Learning a new skill always brings about excitement, but also a sense of nervousness. I remember meeting Dina and immediately feeling a sense of comfort. Whether it was her upbeat demeanor or her amazing passion for threads, she was an outstanding instructor and kept us feeling at ease. She was very thorough, making sure we not only understood the technique, but also performed it correctly. She took her time and never made us feel rushed. Dina welcomed our questions and made sure when the training was complete she was always available to us. Dina, thank you for not only providing us with the tools to perform this amazing service safely, but the positive experience we had with you. We are so excited to add PDO Max threads to our practice!”

Nicole Gallucci, MS, NP
JEM Medspa

“I am beyond thankful for the opportunity to train with Dr. Dina on PDO Max threads. She is so knowledgeable, patient and personable. Our 2-day training on basic and advanced techniques was so enjoyable; the knowledge and comfort level I gained from this experience is more than I could have imagined! I am blown away at what these threads can do! If you are thinking of bring PDO threads into your practice, I highly recommend Dr. Dina and PDO Max!”

Donna Paver, MS, APRN
JEM Medspa

“I had the wonderful opportunity to train on PDO Max with Dr. Dina. We did a lot of research before deciding to go with the PDO Max company as well as with Dina as our trainer. Her professionalism & expertise are beyond compare. She shared all of her techniques with us and was very patient with her teaching style. And the threads are amazing, much better than what we were using before. If you are looking to add threads to your menu of services, I highly recommend looking into PDO Max and training with Dr. Dina!”

Melissa Judeh, MSN, MBA, CANS
JEM Medspa
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I saw Dr. Dina BenDavid performing a PDO Max thread lift at a virtual aesthetics conference and was so blown away by her expertise and results, that I called the next day to request a training! My training with Dr. BenDavid was beyond excellent and she is always available to answer any questions that come up as I incorporate the procedure into my practice. Also, I love that there is no minimum order on the threads. My experience with this company has been wonderful and everyone has been so helpful and accommodating. Thank you PDO Max!!”

Karen Michelson, NP
Visage Med Spa, Cleveland, OH
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“PDO Max is the only product I trust for our patients. Not only is the quality of their product amazing, they provide outstanding trainings and support. Any questions or concerns I have are addressed immediately. It gives patients real peace of mind that their threads are FDA cleared. I can’t recommend PDO Max enough for anyone looking to add PDO threads to their practice.”

Amie Evans
Owner, One Aesthetics
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“Ryan McCarthy and the PDO Max team have made a significant difference to our business.The personal training and use of one of the only FDA cleared threads in cannula has given us an edge in the med spa industry. We are able to provide our clients with this advanced technique to help restore a more youthful appearance. Ryan is very knowledgeable, patient and experienced nurse practitioner and trainer. We would gladly take any upcoming classes or clinical techniques him or the PDO Max team offers. They have enabled us, coached us and given us more confidence to provide our clients with more options when it comes to anti-aging. It engages our clients and brings our business great results.”

Mary Constantino FNP-BC
Co-founder & VP, Ageless Aesthetics

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