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Consistency, Hard Work, and Being Authentically You are Essential Elements of a Successful Aesthetic Practice

Dr. Francesca Walters, DNP, FNP-BC, is a leading expert in aesthetic medicine and founder of Aire MedSpa in Sarasota, FL. She was drawn into the medical field by a deep desire to help others. Her journey led her to a position as a medical assistant for a plastic surgeon, where she immediately fell in love with the medical spa industry. Today, she is board-certified, has her own thriving practice, and has accomplished the highest level of training in Botox, dermal fillers, PDO threads, and lasers. Owning her practice has been fulfilling, and she believes it is because she has found a way to connect with clients through social media. It is a powerful connector that allows her to educate, build trust, and introduce her practice and herself to a large audience.

Marketing and standing out from the competition were an initial struggle for her. “I use social media as much as possible…I can’t tell you how many times brand new clients come to the practice, and they feel like they already “know me” through my Instagram posts and stories. It makes the consultation process so much easier because there is established rapport, they believe you have their best interest at heart and you’re not trying to “push” or “convince” them to purchase products/procedures they don’t need,” Dr. Walters says.

Using Instagram®, she shares segments of her day, both her professional and personal life. They are given an open window into her procedures, where she posts before and after photos, and takes the audience along with her, as she strives each day to improve the lives of her clients. And just as important, she believes, is to offer them a glimpse into her role as a wife and mother, who juggles a busy career with living authentically. The other aspect of managing a successful practice, for Dr. Walters, comes down to consistency and hard work. Whether it is posting on social media, practicing new skills or procedures, recommending new skincare or other procedures to clients that get the same treatments every time, or following up with new leads or clients that have not been to the practice in a while, she strives to be diligent and consistent. For anyone contemplating owning their own medical spas, she is mindful to share that it requires 100% dedication and hard work.

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This dedication is one of the reasons she was recently recognized as one of the Top 25 Providers in the nation by PDO Max. “I incorporated PDO threads year one [of] owning Aire MedSpa but year three of being an injector. I felt like the timing was perfect because I was already comfortable performing injectables and using cannula. My clients responded really well to this new procedure and this new advanced skill helped me stand out from other medical spas in my community. I feel like I was really seen as an expert after I started posting videos of me performing PDO threads” She notes that PDO thread videos and photos garner so much intrigue from patients and followers on social media who are curious to learn more and are amazed by the immediate results and minimal downtime. “I have so many women come to me asking for natural results… but the beauty of threads is that we are just repositioning natural volume – so you’ll still look like you, just a little more refreshed.” Dr. Walters says that a PDO thread procedure is her favorite procedure to perform, and it is a great revenue generator for the practice. “25% of my total revenue is from this procedure and because the margins are so good, my business is truly thriving,” she exclaims.

For more information about our threads or to learn more about our one-on-one in-office trainings, please contact us at or call us at 800-670-0225.

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