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Interview with Daniela Woerner, CEO of Addo Aesthetics, on PDO AfterGlo™ and Glowpin™

An insightful interview with Daniela Woerner, CEO, of Addo Aesthetics and PDO Max Director of Sales and Business Development, Jaclyn Luongo. Addo Aesthetics common core value is focusing on the results and growth for their clients’ businesses, and PDO Max is proud to be affiliated with such a well respected expert like Daniela. These two experts discuss PDO AfterGlo™ and Glowpin™.

PDO AfterGlo™ and Glowpin™ are a unique offering that provides your clients with phenomenal results, in 15-minutes or less. We recommend that you incorporate this as an upgrade option, as it provides a great profit margin, but with minimal time added to any service.
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