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The Synergy Between Cryoaesthetic™ Technology and PDO AfterGlo Skin Booster

Interview with PDO Max Director of Sales, Jaclyn Luongo and Amy Harrington of Glacial® Skin, VP of Clinical Education & Practice Development: Amy and Jaclyn explore the synergistic benefits of combining Glacial Rx®, a product by R2 Technologies, with PDO Max products.

This collaboration originated from a shared connection with Dr. Jason Emer, who observed positive clinical synergy between the Glacial Rx® device and PDO Max products. Glacial Rx® targets a broad market, appealing to estheticians and various medical professionals, including dermatologists, plastic surgeons, cryo clinics, and wellness clinics. Its versatility in complementing different treatments makes it a valuable addition to diverse modalities. Harrington notes that successful practices often incorporate Glacial Rx® into their treatment plans, resulting in heightened patient satisfaction and increased customer loyalty. The proprietary precision cooling algorithm of Glacial Rx® fights inflammation, increases brightness and treats benign lesions.
When combined with PDO AfterGlo™ skin serum and the Glowpin™ delivery system, the synergy between these products enhances skin texture, hydration, and radiance. This combination takes the potential for skin rejuvenation to a new level. Glacial treatments post-thread insertion aid in reducing swelling and discomfort for the patient, thereby minimizing downtime even more.
While each product—Glacial Rx®, PDO Max threads-in-cannula, PDO AfterGlo™, and Glowpin™—excels as a standalone treatment, their seamless integration into a combined treatment elevates the overall patient experience.
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