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Primary Markets for PDO Thread Training

Hands-On PDO Thread Training in Your Local Market

PDO Max thread lift training workshops are making waves in the healthcare industry and the beauty and personal care industry.  According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, over 400,000 surgical facelift procedures were performed across the globe in 2020. “Zoom Face Envy” is also on the rise, with more professionals investing in keeping up their appearances even when they are working remotely. These days, however, patients are in search of nonsurgical alternatives — and the evolving trends in medical aesthetics are aligning with this desire.

Why Use PDO Threads?

Biodegradable polydioxanone (PDO) threads are made of a sterile monofilament synthetic composed polymer. By inserting these threads underneath the surface of the skin with a thin needle, they can be used to lift and reposition tissue or support very loose skin and sagging skin that has lost elasticity over time. They also stimulate collagen production and elastin production during the body’s healing response.

Like injectables, thread lifts can be completed quickly (30-45 minutes!) in-office with local anesthesia. The patient is able to return to their normal routine with little to no downtime.

With a thread face lift, many patients will see improvement in the appearance of acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, drooping cheeks and brows, jowls, marionette lines, nasolabial folds, crepey neck skin, and more. This safe, efficient method also increases the thickness and resilience of the skin. In addition to addressing these cosmetic concerns, thread lifts can also be used to treat ptosis, a drooping of the eyelid caused by paralysis, disease, or other medical problems.

Who Can Perform a PDO Thread Lift?

The PDO thread lift is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that may be performed by trained nurses, physician assistants, and doctors, and is increasingly popular in the following medical and aesthetic fields of practice:

  • Med Spas and Clinics
  • Plastic Surgeons
  • Cosmetic Dermatologists

If you’d like to join the aesthetic physicians and other cosmetic practitioners who have added this safe, reliable, minimally invasive procedure to their practice, contact us now, check out our reviews, or read on below!

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Interested in PDO Max Thread Training?

Cutting Edge Cosmetic Techniques

Why Get Certified in PDO Thread Lifts?

It’s time to take your medical practice to the next level with PDO Max thread training. According to recent data, the aesthetic threads market has a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.8%. We go above and beyond to provide ongoing guidance for all of our trainees to ensure they can be a part of this growing market.

PDO Max offers convenient in-office hands-on training for multiple FDA-cleared PDO Max thread products for the face and body. With over 20 varieties of barbed, smooth, and multi-thread options, you can meet the needs of every patient who walks through your doors. In addition to a certification of completion, we provide all of our participants with business development resources and marketing support including patient selection strategies, how to perform consultations, and everything else you need to know about thread lifts.

Multiple PDO Product Training

PDO Max has a thread for all your client’s preferences. Your patient’s needs can be met with our catalog of thread variations. We provide as much practical knowledge as possible during our training sessions, with hands-on experience with multiple types of threads.

Hands-On, In-Office Training

Training and attention are provided one-on-one at your practice. While you practice on patients, our trainer can work with you individually and answer all your questions.

Business and Marketing Support

After completing our training, you will not only receive a certification attesting that you have met all of the standards, but you will also gain access to a marketing portal with content to assist with your ongoing PDO thread therapy business development. From our team members, you will receive ongoing support, troubleshooting, and seasoned guidance.

PDO Thread Expert Trainers

We have the best trainers in the industry. They have years of experience in the medical and aesthetic fields, as well as specific experience with PDO threads. Using our FDA-cleared threads, our trainers demonstrate the best practices that make a difference for your patients and practice.

Receive over $5,000 in FREE product when you sign up for a training.
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Aesthetic physicians across the country are discovering the benefits of a nonsurgical PDO thread lift. Don’t get left behind! Be the first in your area to offer the latest anti-aging options to your patients and maximize the growth potential of your practice with the PDO Thread lift procedure.

PDO Max offers a much-desired minimally invasive alternative. No matter where you practice, your patients will love the results of PDO Thread lifts.

To explore the latest in aesthetic rejuvenation techniques from PDO Max, contact us today.

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