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Comprehensive Training, Endless Support

Hands-On & In the Comfort of Your Own Office

PDO Max threads add a new dimension to your services and a reliable source of untapped revenue to your business. Better still, our training doesn’t stop with the certificate of completion.

When you choose to incorporate PDO Max Threads into your business, you’re getting more than just an FDA-cleared and ISO 13485 certified medical device; you’ll also receive constant support from our organization in perpetuity, guaranteeing access to expert advice, troubleshooting, and seasoned guidance.

Advantages of PDO Max Training

Search high and low throughout the industry. You won’t find a training program as comprehensive, supportive, and effective as the one provided by our team of expert medical professionals. Here are the PDO Max Training Program’s primary points of excellence:

Multiple PDO Product Training

PDO Max has a thread to match your client’s desires. Our catalog of thread variations can ensure that your patient’s needs are met. During our training session, we make sure you have hands-on experience with multiple types of threads, providing as much practical knowledge as possible.

Business and Marketing Support

When your office training is complete, you will not only receive a certificate attesting you have satisfied all the standards of our training but you will gain access to a marketing portal with content to help with your PDO threads business development needs. You’ll receive on-going support and access to expert advice, troubleshooting, and seasoned guidance from our team members.

Hands-On, In-Office Training

We work with you at your practice and provide the one-on-one training and attention you deserve. This allows our trainer to work with you individually and to answer all your questions while you practice on patients.

PDO Thread Expert Trainers

Our trainers are the best in the industry. Each has years of experience in the medical or aesthetic field, and years of experience specifically on PDO threads. Our trainers have fine tuned their skills with our FDA-cleared threads and are able to illustrate the best practices you need to make a difference for your patients and practice.


Basic & Advanced Workshops Available

For the purposes of the hands-on portion of the workshop, practitioners will learn our PDO techniques using several of our thread products, including smooth, barbed, and twisted sutures.

Practitioners will also learn strategies for patient selection, numbing techniques, consultation and management of complications.

A Close Up Of A Woman

Simple Three Vector Cheek Treatment

A Close Up Of A Person

Simple Single Vector Neck and Jaw Treatment

A Close Up Of A Mans Face

Treatment of “Bar-Code” Smoker’s Lines

A Close Up Of A Mans Face

Threading of the Vermilion Border of the Lip

A Close Up Of A Mans Face

Threading for Under Eye Filling

A Person Posing For The Camera

And More in Advanced Level Workshops Focusing on the Body and “Inferior to Superior” Techniques!

Primary Skills Taught

In addition to the techniques listed above, each of our workshops will educate practitioners in basic, moderate, and advanced principles, such as:

Workshop Level I

  • Patient selection strategies
  • Complication management
  • How to perform consultations
  • Marketing/Advertising methods
  • Inventory maintenance
  • Full day, hands-on training for up to 2 practitioners

Workshop Level II

  • 5 specific thread applications best for your individual practice
  • Body contouring techniques
  • Full day, hands-on training customized to your practice
  • Patient selections strategies
  • Complication management
  • How to perform consultations
  • Marketing/Advertising methods
A Woman In A Blue Shirt
A Woman Sitting On A Bed

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