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PDO Max Training

The Importance of In-Office PDO Thread Training

As the demand for non-invasive cosmetic procedures continues to rise, med spa and aesthetic practice owners are constantly seeking ways to enhance their skills and expand their service offerings to their patients. 

One of the most popular and effective treatments in the industry is the PDO Thread Lift. This minimally invasive procedure can deliver remarkable and immediate results for facial rejuvenation and skin tightening. In order to ensure the safe and expert administration of PDO Threads, training is paramount.

At PDO Max, we believe the most effective way to do this is through hands-on, dedicated, in-office training

In-office training provides practitioners the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and practical knowledge under the guidance of experts. The ability to observe, practice, and receive immediate feedback in a familiar environment helps practitioners hone in on the skills needed to give their patients the best PDO Thread treatments. 

By participating in in-office training, practitioners can refine their technique, understand the best methods for patient assessment, customize treatment plans, and most importantly, learn how to mitigate and work through complications. 

PDO Max recognizes the importance of comprehensive training sessions. Our curriculum covers essential aspects such as:

  • Patient Selection
  • Facial Anatomy
  • Proper Insertion Techniques
  • Post-treatment Care
  • And More

This ensures that practitioners acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to perform PDO Thread Lift procedures with confidence, precision, and safety.

Practitioners also have peace of mind when using PDO Max Threads, because of our FDA Clearance-in-Cannula. FDA Clearance signifies that the products have undergone rigorous evaluation for safety and effectiveness. This designation underscores our commitment to safety and compliance, ensuring the utmost quality in every aspect of our products and training.

By choosing PDO Max for in-office training, practitioners can enhance the credibility and reputation of their practice. Patients are increasingly discerning when selecting providers for aesthetic procedures, and the assurance of FDA Clearance along with expert training instills confidence and trust in the services offered. This, in turn, can lead to increased client satisfaction, positive referrals, and a competitive edge in the industry- all of which can increase a practice’s ROI.

Invest in yourself and your practice with PDO Max. With our training, practitioners can elevate their skills, expand their service offerings, and deliver exceptional results to their patients.

Contact PDO Max to schedule an in-office training session today and find out firsthand how our trainers and product can help elevate your practice!

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