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Boosting PDO Thread Lifts for Max Results & Patient Satisfaction

Local med spas, day spas, and plastic surgery providers need every advantage they can get to thrive in a competitive market. Good marketing and an expert services menu can take you far, but word of mouth driven by the utmost patient satisfaction can take you farther. 

At PDO Max, we know quite a bit about patient satisfaction. As the engineers, designers, and manufacturers of the leading PDO threads on the market today, we’ve seen our share of beaming patients and providers.

Throughout our expert training sessions, we give providers everything they need to safely and successfully administer PDO thread lifts in their very own office. However, completing a cosmetic implantation procedure is only the first step in a multi-pronged approach to making PDO Max threads work at optimum strength for your business. 

How PDO Max Threads Empower Your Practice

From boosting results to aftercare products to secondary treatment options for extending benefits, here’s how you can make PDO threads work harder for your bottom line. Encourage word of mouth and increase customer satisfaction with these PDO Max add-ons today!

PDO Max Thread Lift Boosting

Across the cosmetic industry, savvy patients and providers know all about PDO thread lifts. They know that thread lifts provide facial rejuvenation while lifting and tightening the skin. They know that results can last for two years or longer. But even some of the most knowledgeable beauty enthusiasts may not realize that you can boost your thread lift results even further.

A PDO Thread Lift boost is performed in-office around the 3-month mark after the initial procedure. Using only a few, tactically placed smooth threads, a PDO Max boost supports the lift even further, spreading the load and extending results for greater customer satisfaction and louder word of mouth. 

By scheduling the boost at the same time as the initial thread lift procedure, you’re ensuring a future visit and delivering even further for your patients. Internal PDO Max research demonstrates a 10% increase in customer satisfaction between a thread lift without a boost and a thread lift with one. While 85% satisfaction may be impressive on its own, a 95% patient satisfaction rating is even better.

PDO Max AfterGlo™ Serum

At PDO Max, we live and breathe results for both patients and providers. That’s one of the many reasons we offer our new PDO Max AfterGlo Serum. This specially designed formula combines the same polydioxanone that powers our threads with hyaluronic acid (HA) for real, skin-rejuvenating results. 

Powderized PDO combines with a microneedling, laser, or other type of treatment by opening channels into deeper skin layers. This allows the HA to penetrate deeply, hydrating and improving skin tone. Of course, the body reacts by flooding the treatment area with collagen, reversing skin laxity and correcting irregularities in skin texture. 

When combined with the collagen induction or laser treatments you’re already offering, our AfterGlo Serum provides patients and providers with yet another avenue for ensuring results, driving interest, and pushing levels of satisfaction from “pleased” to “thrilled.”

PDO Max Levo Lock

After listening to patient and provider feedback, our PDO Max engineers recognized an opportunity to create enhanced and longer-lasting results. After years of R&D, trial, and error, and success, we developed the newest thread in our already excellent lineup: the Levo Lock.

Levo Lock threads use a bottom-to-top approach by fixing traditional Levo threads securely in place. Levo Lock threads use an inferior-to-superior approach to create an anchoring effect for existing threads. This essentially “locks” PDO threads in place for enduring benefits and increased patient satisfaction. 

By lifting subcutaneous fat pads in the face to their original positions of 10 or 20 years ago, Levo Lock threads demonstrate their class-leading tensile strength and preserve the sharpest benefits for patients. The Levo Lock is yet another win-win for patients and providers.

Are Your PDO Threads Working This Hard For You?

At PDO Max, we already take immense pride in our FDA-cleared, ISO 13485, and MDSAP-certified thread lineup. Our expert in-person and e-learning training courses lead the way in provider education. But despite this focus on our core service, we simply could not rest on our laurels. We knew that PDO Max threads could work harder for providers around the world, and we took steps to make sure they did.

The fruit of our labors has resulted in a number of secondary and tertiary treatment options that maximize results and enhance satisfaction. The PDO thread lifts boost, PDO Max AfterGlow Serum and leading-edge Levo Lock all work together to create optimal results for everyone.

So, what can PDO Max Threads do for your practice? Get answers to your burning questions or contact us today to learn how the safest, strongest, most versatile PDO threads on the market today can open up new opportunities for your business.

Versatility, Strength, & Safety Combine for 95% Customer Satisfaction!

At the end of the day, happy patients make for returning patients. Better still, happy patients share the good news. To increase customer satisfaction, encourage word of mouth, and deliver the best results for your patients, contact PDO Max today! Read what providers like you have to say about PDO Max threads in their offices or keep up with our latest news for all the newest add-ons and bonuses. If you’re ready to start offering PDO Max threads in your office, check out our expert training programs today!

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