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Meet Your PDO Max Thread Lift Trainers

Meet Your PDO Max Thread Lift Trainers – Expert Spotlight

As a cosmetic provider, you’re no stranger to training. Your years of experience have made you a quick study when learning a new laser system or body contouring device. But you also know that there’s nothing quite like comprehensive, hands-on learning. Confidence and experience are especially important when researching the newest in-demand procedures for your customers.

Unlike that new laser system or out-of-the-box body contouring device, PDO thread lifts require genuine confidence, practice, and understanding. That’s why our hand-picked team of PDO Max trainers pull out every stop to give you and select staff members a foundation of learning. Here’s how PDO Max trainers can accelerate your confidence and your business.

PDO Max Training Spotlight – Top Advantages & Principles

In 2023, PDO thread lifts are on track to become more popular than ever. Beloved by patients for their stunning results, and cherished by providers for their quick in-office procedure time, PDO thread lifts are poised to revolutionize medspas, day spas, and beauty clinics in the next year and beyond. Here’s how our trainers can get you ready for a new wave of patients in 2023.

We’re Owners-Operators Too

PDO Max trainers didn’t start off that way. Nearly all of our instructors trace their roots back to emergency rooms, prenatal care, nursing, and surgical theaters. Like you, our trainers decided to strike out on their own, forming their own practices which still operate today.

PDO trainer Aline Braga, LPN, operates one of the most popular medspas in New England. Another trainer, Brandy Henson, MPAS, PA-C, regularly performs PDO thread lifts in her own practice. Even our Director of Training, Dina BenDavid, runs a wildly popular destination spa on the island of Martha’s Vineyard.

Our PDO Max trainers know how to create everyday confidence and performance in others because we’ve been in your shoes. We know your staff, understand your challenges, and share your goals.

We Come to You

It’s one thing to learn in a classroom. It’s something else entirely to apply that lesson in the field. To ensure comfort and maximize learning, PDO Max trainers come to you. In the comfort and familiarity of your own office, you and your team will learn everything you need to successfully perform PDO Max thread lifts again and again.

Our PDO Max trainers employ the Socratic method of learning. Through a “see one, do one, teach one,” approach, you and your team can truly internalize the procedure, ensuring both confidence and long-term competency in the very same room you use on a daily basis. 

We Stay With You

Our instruction may be comprehensive by design, but no amount of training can prepare you for each and every likelihood. Things come up. No two faces are the same. Unknown hurdles present themselves when you least expect them. But with PDO Max, you’re never alone. We’ll stick around to help until you’re as seasoned as we are.

Our PDO Max trainers are available in perpetuity to help you troubleshoot. We can hop on a call, schedule a meeting, or suggest a sage course of action to overcome any challenge you may face. We don’t cut and run when training ends. We’ll be here for you whenever you need us.

We Don’t Stop Training

Like sharks, cosmetic professionals can only thrive by moving forward. When we stop learning, we’re quickly outpaced and outperformed by our competitors. Ongoing professional development represents a major investment in the present and future success of your practice. This is why PDO Max training never has to end.

Our on-demand e-learning courses help you expand your offerings and hone your technique. We can also guide you through marketing, inventory, consultations, patient selection strategies, and complication management. 

At PDO Max, we’re dedicated to doing whatever it takes to make PDO thread lifts a major player at your practice because when you succeed, we succeed.

Start Offering PDO Max Thread Lifts at Your Practice

Your patients are hard at work on a list of their New Year’s resolutions. You can make PDO Max threads an item on your to-do list today by contacting our expert trainers. Schedule your in-office training now and start looking forward to new customers in the new year.

Succeed Together with Expert PDO Max Thread Lift Training!

As owners/operators ourselves, we know how risky it feels to fiddle with success. You’ve cultivated a list of treatment options to match customers in your local market, but it’s only a matter of time before a competitor offers something you don’t, can’t, or won’t offer yourself. Let us arm you for success with our expert PDO Max thread lift training so that you and your business can thrive in the new year and beyond.

Receive over $5,000 in FREE product when you sign up for a training.
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