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Introducing the New Levo Lock – The Evolution of PDO Thread Lift Tech

PDO Max threads are always evolving. As a world-leading manufacturer of some of the safest, most effective threads on the market today, we’re less interested in resting on our laurels and more interested in pushing boundaries. More than anything, we thrive thanks to the partnerships we make with practitioners and patients. Through listening and responding to our customers, we’re able to spot new opportunities and then design threads tactically to meet those needs.

Now, after tireless work from our sensational R&D department, we have a new thread to add to our already stellar lineup—the Levo Lock™. But what is the Levo Lock and how will it change the cosmetic industry for medspas, plastic surgery providers, and patients?

Lift AND Lock for Superior Results

Our Levo threads boast incredible tensile strength across a range of uses. By supporting and lifting subcutaneous fat pads in the face to their original positions of 10 or 20 years ago, Levo threads can address common signs of aging around the neck, jawline, lips, and chin. These laser-cut, barbed threads really deliver the kind of rejuvenation that our patients love and our providers delight in delivering. 

So, why do the Levo threads need improving upon? The short answer is: they don’t. But by combining them with the Levo Lock, the benefits of our already excellent threads can be maintained for longer with less reduction over time in the ultimate lifting effect. At the end of the day, superior results for patients translates to superior ROI for providers. 

Introducing the Levo Lock

After hearing feedback from countless providers across the nation, we recognized an opportunity to create an adjunct product for our Levo threads. Our hope was to encourage a new wave of thread lifting. 

Our Lock supports a bottom-to-top approach by fixing Levo threads securely in place. This advanced technique puts our 18-gauge molded threads to the test, making the most of their class-leading tensile strength to preserve the sharpest benefits. 

While our already powerful Levo threads maintain their results for upwards of 2 years, some minor relaxation can occur around the 1-month mark after the procedure. To deliver superior results, the Levo Lock joins with its predecessor to refine old facelifts and new thread lifts alike. 

Here’s just one application where our Levo Lock can help. 

Here, the 19-gauge Levo threads proceed in an “M” formation from the chin to the temple, the temple to the cheek, the cheek to the ear, and the ear to the jawline. The Levo Lock threads, meanwhile (seen here in yellow), use a chevron or “A” support structure going inferior to superior in the opposite direction to create an anchoring effect. It’s easy to see how the Levo threads receive additional, locked-in lifting. 

Benefits of the Levo Lock

The benefits of Levo Lock PDO threads have barely been tapped so far. That said, their impressive design and strength can be helpful in numerous applications. Among the benefits of the Levo Lock, you’ll discover that they:

  • Anchor the lift created with traditional Levo cut threads
  • Lock in the lifting effect (threads do not budge)
  • Possess superior tensile strength
  • Effectively lift skin with heavy sagging
  • Are ideal for advanced PDO threading techniques

What Can Levo Lock Do For You or Your Patients?

PDO threads have come a long way and aren’t going away anytime soon. Constant research, development, and customer-driven improvements allow us to enhance our existing threads while engineering new ones to meet demand. Even now, skilled providers with honed experience are discovering new ways to perform thread lifts. These advanced techniques give patients the results they desire most and providers the revenue they need to succeed in competitive local markets. 

If you’re not already offering our PDO Max threads at your medspa, dermatology office, or plastic surgery practice, learn more about our introductory and advanced training courses today. You and your office can learn everything you need to start offering thread lifts in as little as 5 weeks. 

Lock in results, profit margins, and customer loyalty with PDO Max!

Constant cosmetic advancements keep the industry changing at about the same pace as the sea. What works for your practice today may not be enough to drive traffic tomorrow. In highly competitive cosmetic markets, you need an advantage that only you can provide. PDO Max Levo thread lifts and PDO Max Levo Lock threads can be that advantage. To learn more about PDO Max Threads, contact us today!

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