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PDO Max AfterGlo™ + Microneedling – A Match Made in Heaven

As a Medspa operator, dermatologist, or esthetician, you’re always looking for ways to boost client satisfaction. Results matter—both to your customers and to your bottom line. Beyond the number of stars in any online review, you want your patients to leave glowing on the outside and beaming on the inside. Naturally, your patients want the same. 

At  PDO Max, we believe in results. For our clients, results translate to return business, supercharged customer satisfaction, and louder word of mouth. For your patients, results mean smoother, tighter skin with fewer fine lines, wrinkles, and old scars. 

While laser, microneedling, PRP, and thread lift treatments work fantastically on their own, patients and providers can both benefit from a little something more. Our leading-edge AfterGlo™ Serum can be that something more for your practice. Here’s how.

Maximizing Results & Patient Satisfaction – PDO Max AfterGlo™ Serum

As a leading provider of the world’s safest, strongest, and most effective PDO threads, we know a thing or two about locking in results. Our AfterGlo™ Serum leverages years of R&D and our expertise with polydioxanone to maximize radiance, especially when paired with services you’re already offering.

What is the AfterGlo™ Serum Made Of?

Just like our PDO thread lineup, our AfterGlo™ Serum contains a powderized form of polydioxanone (PDO)—the same synthetic polymer that powers PDO thread lifts nationwide. But AfterGlo™ doesn’t stop there. It’s also packed with hyaluronic acid (HA) for enhanced skin health and sharper procedure outcomes. 

What Treatments Does The PDO Max AfterGlo™ Serum Pair With?


The popularity and effectiveness of microneedling and RF microneedling cannot be overstated. These quick and easy collagen induction therapies need little introduction to enthusiastic patients and providers. Our AfterGlo™ Serum uses powderized polydioxanone in much the same way that your microneedling pen or device uses needles. 

By simulating skin damage at a microscopic level, PDO encourages increased collagen production throughout the treatment area. Microneedles allow the PDO and HA serum to penetrate deeper into the skin, complementing the already powerful collagen boost. Hyaluronic acid then hydrates, tightens, and otherwise supports the underlying skin structure for a radiant difference that your patients will adore. 

As a microneedling add-on, the PDO Max AfterGlo™ Serum augments an already wildly popular facial rejuvenation technique. Your patients will see (and talk about) the results.

Laser Treatments

Fractional lasers and other forms of laser skin resurfacing use light in lieu of microneedles to scour, penetrate, and inspire skin. Here again, our PDO Max AfterGlo™ Serum can enhance results.

During certain laser treatments, microchannels open in the patient’s skin, providing a pathway for the AfterGlo™ Serum. But these channels won’t stay open for long. In the 6-8 minute window that these channels remain open, all providers have to do is apply AfterGlo™ topically. Once in place, AfterGlo™ follows the aggressive tissue expansion caused by your laser to further excite collagen in the treatment area. 

At PDO Max, our AfterGlo™ motto goes, “Whenever you have a channel in your face open, grab the Glo!”

Where Can The AfterGlo™ Serum Be Used?

The PDO Max AfterGlo™ Serum can be used wherever your current treatments are most effective. Like PRP, AfterGlo™ can be applied anywhere where skin channels are open, including the:

  • Face
  • Brow
  • Neck
  • Decolletage
  • Elsewhere

Wherever laser treatments, microneedling, or microchanneling can go, AfterGlo™ can boost results dramatically. When paired with nearly any existing cosmetic or aesthetic treatment that opens channels in the skin, AfterGlo™ augments the already effective methods you use to tighten, remodel, and refresh. 

Add AfterGlo™ to Your Menu For Enhanced Patient Outcomes

AfterGlo™ doesn’t just increase collagen production, hydrate skin, and clarify results when mixed with your existing treatment lineup. It also adds a sense of excitement. Patients love the anticipation they feel knowing that they’ve strengthened the already strong results on offer from your laser services, microneedling, or microchanneling treatments.

Create a buzz in your office and about your practice by adding AfterGlo™ Serum to your services today! To learn more about how AfterGlo™ works, or to start offering PDO thread lifts in your office, contact PDO Max, today! 

Add AfterGlo™ to Your Services & Watch Your Patients Glow!

There’s little denying that happy patients turn into return patients. AfterGlo™ creates that sense of excitement patients want when they come in for microneedling treatments or laser services. Give your patients the freedom of choice and enhanced benefits they crave by adding AfterGlo™ to your lineup! For more information, contact PDO Max today! Read what providers like you have to say about our threads and serums or check out our latest news for all the newest add-ons and bonuses. To get started with PDO threads, check out our expert training programs today!

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