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How to Find the Right PDO Thread Provider – A Guide

For most of the 20th century, if you wanted to buy something, you had (at most) several options to choose from. But in the age of online shopping, it’s almost impossible to identify the top three choices for any product or service. 

Even a simple search for casual handbags can yield tens of thousands of results covering every price point along the spectrum. Unfortunately, this is also true of aesthetic treatments and products.

Patients and providers should feel empowered when shopping—not smothered by choices (most of them substandard or outright bad). This is especially true when searching for a PDO thread for yourself or to offer at your practice. 

To put the power back where it belongs—in the hands of savvy consumers—PDO Max offers this handy guide to finding the right PDO thread provider.

The Best Questions to Ask PDO Providers & Manufacturers – A Guide

As with any cosmetic implant, the more questions you ask about PDO threads, the more likely you are to end up with the product or results you want. Don’t be afraid to interrogate PDO thread manufacturers. If they’re proud of their product, they’ll answer you straight. 

Here are the top questions to ask before purchasing a PDO thread or scheduling your PDO thread lift.

Are PDO Threads Safe?

Over the last decade or so, non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments have skyrocketed in popularity. Patients want drastic results without the price tag associated with surgical procedures or downtime. 

To ensure you’re purchasing the safest PDO threads on the market, look for these high-value safety certifications.

ISO 13485 Certification

Awarded by the International Organization for Standardization, ISO 13485 certification signifies that a medical device meets high-quality management protocols. This certification means even more when it’s shared by both the company and their manufacturer.

MDSAP Certification

If a medical device is safe for sale in one country but not in other large international markets, that could be a red flag. MDSAP certification relies on a quality assurance and safety audit performed by a recognized organization. 

This certification allows the medical device to be sold in numerous countries with strict medical device regulations, including Australia, Brazil, Japan, and the European Union.

FDA Clearance 

The Food and Drug Administration of the United States is widely involved in certifying medical implants and devices for sale throughout the nation. Together with other international certifications, FDA clearance provides patients and providers with peace of mind.

Are PDO Threads Effective?

Once a company and manufacturer have been certified by several governing bodies, the question of efficacy comes next. But what makes one PDO thread more or less effective than another?

Research, development, design, and versatility give cosmetic implants an edge over similar medical devices. A commitment to innovation and the science of beauty also contributes to a product’s suitability.

An accomplished PDO thread manufacturer should offer several different products and varieties for enhanced outcomes. 

Smooth PDO Threads

The primary purpose of PDO smooth threads is collagen induction. Once inserted, our skin registers the smooth thread as “damage” and supercharges collagen and elastin production locally in response. 

Tighter skin, improved texture, and increased healing for new and old scars can last for a year or longer.

Barbed PDO Threads

The primary purpose of barbed PDO threads is to grab and lift soft facial tissues. This thread puts the “lift” in PDO thread lift. 

By tactically inserting barbed PDO threads along certain facial vectors, your provider should be able to correct everything from sagging cheeks and bunny lines to glabellar lines and turkey neck. 

Locking Threads

Once smooth and barbed PDO threads are in place, you’ll want to preserve your results for as long as possible. Naturally, this means following ideal aftercare instructions. But the right PDO thread provider may offer another solution: locking threads. 

At PDO Max, our new Levo Lock thread preserves results. As a barbed thread, the Levo Lock provides more boost for soft facial tissues, taking some of the load off other threads and elongating results.

Do You Offer PDO Thread Lift Training?

Making safe and effective PDO threads requires diligence, commitment, and integrity. But even the best threads need expert training for optimal outcomes. If a PDO thread manufacturer offers training, you know that they’re willing to stand by their product. At PDO Max, our thread lift training programs are extensive and backed by decades of experience.

For starters, PDO Max offers in-office, hands-on training. Using a “see one, do one” approach, we ensure that every provider has hands-on experience that really matters. Additionally, for ongoing professional development, we offer on-demand e-learning courses covering advanced applications. 

At PDO Max, our goal is to make sure that our providers leverage our technology for superior results across the board. That means perpetual support, troubleshooting, and chances to hone your skills.

Get Started with PDO Thread Lifts & PDO Max Today

When it comes to cosmetic implants, patients need to know that their treatment is safe, effective, and administered by expert hands. Providers, meanwhile, need to know that they’re supported and that they’re getting the quality product that their patients deserve.

At PDO Max, we’re constantly evolving to meet the needs of both demographics. We listen to our customers, keep our thumbs on the pulse of the aesthetic market, and adapt with new products to enhance results for all involved.

How can PDO Max help you today? Contact us to find out!

Get Started with PDO Max Threads in Your Office Today

Safe, effective, and affordable non-surgical facial rejuvenation technology isn’t going anywhere. In fact, the popularity of PDO thread lifts is at an all-time high. To learn more about offering PDO Max threads and thread lifts in your office today, browse our product lineup or contact us online.

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