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PDO Thread Lift Aftercare – A Guide

The modern cosmetic & aesthetic patient doesn’t have a lot of time to spare. Younger, busier, more on-the-go patients are exploring new treatment options by the millions throughout our nation. A combination of social media use, remote conferencing, and a “do it all” mentality keeps the best, brightest, and most beauty-focused on the move. But even older patients with a lot on their plate would prefer a quick and effective procedure with minimal downtime.

Thankfully, PDO thread lifts are among the quickest non-surgical facelift procedures available today. With an average of a 1-hour procedure window and no need for general anesthesia, recovery from a thread lift typically only takes 24 hours. Even so, procedures affect everyone differently. You’ll want to take the best possible care of yourself before and after your PDO thread lift so that you can get back to life as you know and enjoy it. 

As an industry-leading designer, innovator, and manufacturer of PDO threads, PDO Max knows what it takes to recover faster and preserve the best results. Here are some PDO thread lift aftercare tips for speeding up recovery and maximizing benefits.

PDO Thread Lift Aftercare Tips – A Guide

Preparing for Your Thread Lift Procedure

For the quickest recovery, it’s also worth mentioning a few things to avoid before your thread lift procedure. 

Speak to your provider about avoiding:

  • Certain supplements & medications (especially fish oil & Aspirin products)
  • Blood thinners
  • Alcohol & nicotine for at least 1 week (7 days) beforehand
  • Saunas, steam rooms, & high-intensity exercise

Some patients may not be eligible for PDO thread lifts at this time, including:

  • Patients with autoimmune deficiencies
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding patients
  • Patients who scar easily
  • Patients with a bleeding disorder (hemophilia, sickle cell anemia) 

After Your Thread Lift Procedure

The Don’ts

While less traumatic than some other purely surgical interventions, PDO thread lifts still require caution in the following hours, days, and weeks. There is a range of actions that can compromise the healing process and weaken your results. PDO threads need time to settle in place, so strenuous exercise, facial massage, and even lying down can lead to complications.

After your PDO thread lift:

  • Avoid lying down after the procedure for at least 4 hours
  • Sleep on your back exclusively (no side or stomach sleeping) for 1 week
  • Refrain from any exercise more strenuous than a walk for 4 weeks
  • Avoid showering or washing your hair for 24 hours
  • Avoid hot showers for at least 1 week 
  • Limit drastic or prolonged facial expressions, yawning, extended chewing, etc. for at least 2 weeks
  • Refrain from touching entry points on your face for 48 hours at a minimum
  • Don’t pick at scabs over entry points at all
  • Avoid facial massages for 2 months
  • Continue abstaining from alcohol & nicotine for 2 weeks
  • Avoid skin care products & makeup for 1 day (at minimum)
  • Avoid direct or intense sunlight (including tanning beds) for 1 week

The Dos

Now that we’ve gotten the don’ts out of the way, here are a few steps that can speed recovery, encourage healing, and preserve the best benefits for your younger-looking face & skin!

After your PDO thread lift:

  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water
  • Resume your skincare routine after 24 hours
  • Schedule a follow-up appointment with your provider for 1 week after your appointment
  • Use ice to treat swelling & bruising
  • Take non-aspirin pain reducers as needed (NSAIDs may be taken 1 week after the procedure)
  • Return to normal activities (but avoid prohibited actions listed above)
  • Contact your provider for any unusual or acute discomfort

Faster Healing, Quicker Recovery, & A More Youthful Face

Results and best aftercare guidelines vary across patients. Your provider should give detailed instructions for the safest procedure and optimal outcomes. At PDO Max, safety is our number one priority. Our ISO 13485-certified, FDA-cleared, and MDSAP-certified threads put patient safety and recovery first. 

Learn more about what PDO threads can do for you. For providers, learn about our in-office training program so that you can start offering thread lifts within weeks.

We’ve got threads covered, but the best recovery experience is up to you!

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