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The Molded Levo Max

Meet Our Newest PDO Thread – The Molded Levo Max

In the world of PDO threads, each thread variety has a job to do. Barbed PDO threads reposition soft tissue for a lifting effect. Smooth threads boost collagen. Our new Levo Lock works with both barbed and smooth threads to keep skin tight and wrinkle-free for longer. 

Now, there’s another thread on the block, one that we can’t wait to introduce you to: the Molded Levo Max.

Introducing the Molded Levo Max – Our Newest PDO Thread

At PDO Max, we’re not inclined to rest on our laurels. Despite making the safest, strongest, most versatile PDO threads on the market today, we can’t refrain from innovating, evolving, and offering newer thread varieties to patients and providers across North America. 

Now, the latest member in our PDO Thread lineup is ready for its grand debut—here and in your med spa, day spa, plastic surgery clinic, or dermatology practice. 

What is the Molded Levo Max PDO Thread?

Our new Molded Levo Max threads are bi-directional and barbed. We’ve engineered these newest threads specifically for contouring the lower face, jawline, and general submentum area. 

When combined with our Smuth threads and our Levo Lock, the Molded Levo Max threads contribute to a comprehensive facial rejuvenation procedure that can be performed in the office in under an hour.

What Facial Issues Can the Molded Levo Max Address?

As an aesthetic professional, you’ve heard it all before. Patients passionately disagree with their facial wrinkles, fine lines, sagging cheeks, and double chins. 

Wrinkles take the brunt of patient ire, but submental skin laxity (turkey neck) and sagging fat along the jawline (jowls) are the real culprits when it comes to that aged appearance.

Solving Turkey Neck, Jowls, & Submental Skin Laxity

Naturally, you’ve told your patients that adding contours back to the jawline and tightening skin along the neck can take 5-10 years off their appearance. But beyond surgical facelifts, neck lifts, or a combination of laser treatments and microneedling (non-surgical facelifts), there are few treatment options on the market today at the right price point to capture patient demand. 

PDO thread lifts are one such option, accomplishing facial rejuvenation and skin tightening simultaneously. Now, with the Molded Levo Max, you have an opportunity to supercharge patient satisfaction and ROI while creating stunning results for your clients. 

How Do Molded Levo Max PDO Threads Work?

As an add-on combined with other PDO threads, or as part of a comprehensive PDO thread lift package, our Molded Levo Max threads add one more dimension to your service offerings. 

While barbed threads lift soft tissue and smooth threads encourage collagen production, Molded Levo Max threads grab submental fat and reposition it along the natural contours created by a patient’s bone structure. This effectively turns back the clock on a decade or more of sagging, revising the neck, elevating jowls, and restoring that chiseled silhouette associated with youth and vigor.

PDO Thread Lifts – A Complete Facial Rejuvenation Procedure

Already well-versed in dealing with frown lines, smile lines, undereye bags, and even glabellar lines, PDO threads are versatile enough to go nearly anywhere and tighten nearly anything. Now, with the release of our Molded Levo Max threads, we’ve improved once again on our industry-leading barbed designs to specifically tackle submental client concerns. 

To see our new Molded Levo Max PDO threads in action, check out this live demonstration and the results it creates. Register your practice with PDO Max today so that you can offer the newest, hottest aesthetic procedure!

Take it to the Max with Molded Levo Max PDO Threads

For the benefit of both patients and providers, PDO Max goes above and beyond. We’re dedicated to delivering satisfaction in three dimensions—stunning results for our patients, industry-leading ROI for our industry partners, and alternative products to strengthen bonds between everyone involved.

In addition to our Molded Levo Max, we’ve also released our AfterGlo™ Serum. Packed with the powdered equivalent of 1,000 smooth PDO threads and suspended in a blend of hyaluronic acid and sterile water, our AfterGlo™ Serum is the perfect cherry on top for both PDO thread lifts and any treatment that opens microchannels in the skin.

To get the training you need to offer PDO thread lifts at your practice today, check out our e-learning courses and our detailed, hands-on, in-office programs. To learn more about our current PDO thread lineup, our AfterGlo™ Serum, or our newest Molded Levo Max threads, 

Smooth, Barbed, Locked, & Tightened – PDO Threads Do it All!

With smooth threads, barbed threads, locking threads, and now molded threads, PDO Max is changing faces and revenue forecasts across North America. Our AfterGlo™ Serum provides that extra “wow” factor for patients and providers, improving relationships, outcomes, and word of mouth for aesthetic practices across the country. To learn more about what PDO thread lifts can do for your office, or to learn more about our expert training options, contact us today!

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