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A vial of AfterGlo serum between smooth and barbed PDO threads

The PDO Max Trifecta Experience – Boost Results & ROI

If the pandemic taught aesthetic professionals anything, it’s that the beauty industry is resilient. The work-from-home model had a surprising silver lining: more people spent longer each day looking at themselves. 

But in lean times, not every aesthetic service performs equally. With debatable economic recessions on the horizon, some providers are already seeing a dropoff in plastic surgery procedures and other high-end services. 

As patients grow more discerning, providers need greater latitude to deliver results that are similar to surgical procedures without the expense and overhead of those procedures. 

To maximize ROI, maintain customers, and boost satisfaction, newer non-surgical methods could be just what your practice needs. The PDO Max Trifecta Experience could be that procedure. Here’s how.

What is the PDO Max Trifecta Experience?

At PDO Max, we’ve made a name for ourselves throughout the aesthetic industry for our trend-setting safety and efficacy. Our PDO thread lifts provide noticeable and long-lasting results with anywhere from 440% to 740% ROI per procedure. 

Needing only an hour on average of your in-office time, PDO thread lifts boost revenue while freeing you up to see more patients each day. Now, we’ve taken our service pairings one step further by combining our PDO threads with our newest AfterGlo™ Serum to form the Trifecta Experience. 

The PDO Max Trifecta Experience uses three different products to brighten, tighten, hydrate, and stimulate collagen. Here’s how it works.

Barbed Threads

Skin laxity, jowls, undereye bags, and general sagging are common concerns for most would-be facelift patients. But at anywhere from $8K to $12K per procedure, the cost of surgical facelifts could put patients off during moments of economic uncertainty. 

For a quarter of the cost of surgical facelifts, providers can offer a PDO thread lift—using barbed PDO threads to reposition tissue for a more youthful appearance. With industry-leading tensile strength, our barbed threads redefine contours, flatten out wrinkles, and continue delivering high-value results for two years or longer. 

Smooth Threads

Now that facial or neck tissue has been repositioned, smooth threads have a vital supporting role to play. PDO Max “smuth” threads reinforce their barbed counterparts, increasing both results and results duration. But our smooth threads don’t stop there.

Once inserted into the intradermal layer, smooth threads provide a long-lasting collagen induction effect. An increase in collagen naturally tightens, smooths, and heals skin over the months and years to come, further compounding the lifting benefits of barbed threads and increasing patient satisfaction. 

PDO Max AfterGlo™ Serum

Polydioxanone (PDO) has more uses than one. When powdered, combined with hyaluronic acid (HA), and suspended in sterile water, PDO can deliver that final wow factor every procedure needs to generate word of mouth and new business.

Each vial of our AfterGlo™ Serum contains the equivalent of a thousand smooth PDO threads. When combined with smooth and barbed threads, powderized PDO induces collagen even further while hyaluronic acid hydrates skin for a supple texture and enhanced glow. 

Better still, AfterGlo™ combines perfectly with any other treatments you offer those open microchannels in the skin. Microneedling, RF microneedling, laser skin resurfacing, and microchanneling services (among others) pair perfectly with AfterGlo™ as an add-on.

And even then, our AfterGlo™ Serum has more up its sleeve when it comes to boosting your ROI.

Enhancing ROI & Giving Patients Options

Each box of our AfterGlo™ Serum contains two 10 ml vials. Each vial contains enough AfterGlo™ to perform three procedures:

  • One facial procedure (3 ml)
  • One neck procedure (4 ml)
  • One decolletage procedure (3 ml)

Better still, with each procedure, AfterGlo™ delivers stunning ROI as follows:

  • One treatment: 400% Conservative Profit & 1000% Luxury Profit 
  • Two Treatments: 500% Conservative Profit & 1000% Luxury Profit
  • Three Treatments: 500% Conservative Profit & 1000% Luxury Profit

As an add-on to your traditional microchanneling services, or as part of the PDO Max Trifecta Experience, the AfterGlo™ Serum provides that “little something special” that generates the kind of buzz every provider loves to see! Of course, its ROI figures don’t hurt either.

Are You Ready to Offer the PDO Trifecta Experience at Your Practice?

In the modern global economy, the price of exported wheat in Europe or a lower-than-expected crop yield in Asia can have knock-on effects. Purchasing decisions (especially with elective surgeries) are affected not just nationwide, but globally.

Adaptive providers can spot trends coming and make tactical decisions with their service offerings to capture consumer interest and demand. At PDO Max, we’re dedicated to helping aesthetic professionals, medspa operators, and plastic surgeons succeed in both lean and boom times. To learn more about the PDO Trifecta Experience, or to ask any questions you may have about our AfterGlo™ Serum, contact us today. If you’re not already offering PDO thread lifts at your practice, learn more about our in-office and e-learning training programs.

Don’t React to Market Trends—Anticipate them Instead with PDO Max.

When lean times strike the aesthetic industry, there are two kinds of businesses—those that react and those that anticipate. The former struggle while the latter thrive. Position your business ahead of the curve by diversifying your services and offering impressive add-ons that few others can match. To learn more about the Trifecta Experience or to investigate our AfterGlo™ Serum, contact us today. Start offering PDO thread lifts at your office with our expert training courses.

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