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PDO Max Across Ages – Benefits for Every Decade of Life

Surgical and non-surgical aesthetic treatments haven’t always enjoyed the wide acceptance they receive today. In the 1990s, the aesthetic and plastic surgery communities suffered from an unfortunate reputation. Public perception of the treatments, procedures, and practitioners was less than flattering and further mired by mystery and myth. 

For average Americans at that time, the procedures were either too uncommon or expensive to consider. Most people didn’t have the relationships with surgeons and medspas that they have today. Thankfully, public perception has changed drastically, and newer, minimally-invasive procedures (like microneedling, injectables, and PDO thread lifts) are bringing new customers into the fold. 

In fact, patients of all ages are realizing how even minor treatments benefit them in the long run.

The Wide Acceptance of Aesthetic Treatments & Surgeries

Future historians will be able to locate the exact cause for the drastic and sudden dismissal of taboos surrounding aesthetic treatments. But even from the present moment, we can understand the roles that social media and the internet play. 

Videos of popular injections and PDO thread lifts demystify the procedures, and influencers across social media platforms demonstrate the beautifying results to millions of followers. Now, we’re seeing younger and younger patients make use of preventative and corrective measures to maintain their beauty, boost their confidence, and avoid premature signs of aging. 

PDO Max Thread Lift Benefits By Age Group

PDO Max thread lifts do just that: lift. By repositioning facial tissue and boosting collagen, PDO threads can take years off the appearance of a patient’s face in treatments lasting less than an hour. But for each age group, the benefits are different. Here’s what you and your patients can expect by age.


Like preventative injectables, PDO Max thread lifts for patients in their 30s can prohibit many of the most common fine lines & wrinkles. Dissolvable (and reversible) polydioxanone threads are safe, effective, and without scarring, leaving only the benefits behind. 

Patients in their 30s will also enjoy the procedure’s affordability while tackling early smile lines, glabellar lines, or frown lines.


Patients in their 40s enjoy even greater benefits with PDO Max thread lifts. By our 40s, facial creases have deepened and taken hold. Skin laxity (especially common in this decade of life) has led to drooping cheeks and a more tired look all around.

Additionally, by your 40s, you’re more likely to experience a decrease in overall skin health. The boosted collagen provided by PDO threads can improve complexion, skin texture, and even promote healing among new and old scars. Age spots and other forms of hyperpigmentation may also benefit from a boost in collagen.  


For many of us, our 50s present a “come to terms” moment with aging. Sagging, deep wrinkles, and even loose skin around our jawline can make us appear exhausted. In addition to all the usual benefits PDO Max threads provide, patients in this age range enjoy a drastic lifting effect, restoring more youthful contours to the face and sharpening the jawline. 

Better still, with our new Levo Lock, patients are better able to “lock in” the procedure results for an even longer lifting effect. 


Beyond our 60s, we experience the most uncomfortable signs of aging. On top of the already mentioned symptoms, patients in this age range experience sagging skin on their necks and pronounced jowl development.

PDO thread lifts help with a wide range of facial sagging—a common concern in your 60s that can make you look even older. At this age, general anesthesia will be completely unthinkable for some patients. Thankfully, PDO Max thread lifts only require local anesthesia during a comfortable, hour-long procedure window.

PDO Max Thread Lifts for All Ages

Advancements in cosmetic and aesthetic technology allow patients of all ages to explore non-surgical facial rejuvenation. For providers, greater access to and enthusiasm for treatments has two primary benefits.

  1. Increased engagement with aesthetic treatments further popularizes such treatments 
  2. Interest among younger patients translates to more patients overall & more return visits over a longer period of time

As a preventative or a corrective treatment option, PDO Max thread lifts add another dimension to your medspa or plastic surgery treatment menu. To capitalize on the momentum of the moment and develop lifelong relationships with younger patients, consider PDO Max training so that you can offer thread lifts within weeks.

Speak to Your Younger Patients About the Benefits of PDO Max Threads

Younger generations aren’t afraid to explore new options in the pursuit of beauty. The old stigmas about “having work done” are gone. Now, rather than merely correcting signs of aging, younger patients are hoping to avoid them altogether. To learn how you can offer PDO threads in your office, learn more about our training program or contact us today. 

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