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PDO Max Thread Lifts & Body Contouring – Ideal Partners

In the 21st century, conversations about beauty standards and notions of body acceptance are certainly in vogue. More than at any other time in American history, we’re addressing what “ideal beauty” means, who the concept serves, and how it relates to our greater place in society. 

With an eye toward dignity and a strong desire for acceptance as we are, it’s a wonder that the aesthetic industry still booms—especially in the aftermath of a global pandemic. But “fitting in” or “achieving external beauty standards” may not necessarily constitute the point

So, what motivation do 21st-century consumers have for pursuing aesthetic treatments for the face and body?

Mind/Body Harmony & Self-Acceptance

Contrary to popular myths about aesthetic and plastic surgery patients, consumers today desire alignment. Harmony between who we feel ourselves to be and how we appear on the outside may be more of a driving force. 

By default, we associate a large portion of our identities with our faces. The continued popularity of facelifts and the skyrocketing adoption of PDO thread lifts confirm as much. But another subset of aesthetic treatments is taking hold in the market today: body contouring, body sculpting, and body toning. 

If you offer PDO Max thread lifts in your office, or if you’re thinking of offering them, here are just a few ideal pairings capable of attracting the modern aesthetic patient. 

Ideal PDO Max & Body Contouring Pairings for Your Practice

Because PDO Max thread lifts only take 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete, they can easily pair with other medspa or plastic surgery services you’re already offering. Together with these body contouring treatments, you’re making an offer that patients can’t refuse. 


Fat, as it turns out, has a lower freezing point than skin. By freezing—and therefore destroying—fat cells, CoolSculpting has made a name for itself the world over. CoolSculpting sessions only require 30-60 minutes to complete, and your patients may only need 1-2 appointments if they’re closer to their ideal body weight. 

By pairing PDO Max thread lifts with CoolSculpting, you’re helping modern patients achieve a sense of harmony with less than 2 hours of in-office time.

Laser Lipolysis 

Lasers are all the rage throughout the aesthetic industry today. In fact, judging by the sheer proliferation of laser services, there’s little a correctly-tuned beam of light can’t do. Laser lipolysis devices are more finely tuned than ever, allowing for the targeted destruction of fat cells through laser heat. 

Patients can combine their PDO Max thread lift procedure with the first of 4 (at max) laser lipolysis treatments. With each additional treatment at your office, patients will come closer and closer to harmony.

Body Toning

Unlike the other contouring treatments on this list, patients often develop a weekly routine with body toning services. Body toning devices use pre-programmed workout routines and electric stimulation to enhance muscle shape, size, and tone. 

Ideal for gym rats and couch potatoes alike (so long as they’re in good health), body toning and PDO Max thread lifts deliver meaningful results and establish long-term relationships between patients and providers.

Surgical Liposuction

Sometimes, the originator is still the best option. Surgical liposuction has grown more effective and more popular than in decades past. Modern providers are finding new and newer ways to reduce damage, maximize efficiency, and achieve excellent results with time-tested procedures and technology. 

Patients will love this pairing since it promises drastic changes in both face and body within the span of a morning or afternoon. When paired with PDO Max thread lifts for the face, an entire transformation may only take 4 hours of in-office time.

Are You Pairing Services for Today’s Modern Consumer?

In the past, a desire for personal beauty may have been the primary force behind the aesthetic industry’s success. These days, consumers are choosing options that fit their lifestyles, create lasting change, and bring them into more harmony with themselves. 

By pairing your existing body contouring services with PDO Max threads, you’re providing patients with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for metamorphosis—a chance they can’t dismiss.

Double Loyalty, Word of Mouth, and Patient Happiness with PDO Max.

PDO Max thread lifts are acrobatic enough to pair with nearly any existing services you already offer. Affordable for both patients and providers, our industry-leading and ISO 13485 certified threads allow you make a world of difference for your patients with less than an hour of in-office treatment time. Check out our in-office training program and start pairing services for today’s modern consumer. Learn more about PDO Max or contact us today. 

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