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PDO Max Threads – Cutting Edge Cosmetic Technology Explored

When average people hear the word “technology,” they think laptops, smartphones, AI. But technology advances in unexpected industries too, far beyond the digital devices we’re so familiar with. 

The cosmetic industry is one such incubator for cutting-edge technology of a medical and aesthetic kind, and FDA-cleared PDO Max Threads lead the way. Designed in line with the science of beauty, PDO Max Threads have been purposefully engineered over decades to be the safest, most effective PDO threads on the market. 

But what kind of technology goes into PDO Max Threads, and how can this tech make both providers and patients happy in the hot world of cosmetic procedures? 

PDO – Polydioxanone

The “PDO” in PDO Max Threads stands for polydioxanone (PDO)—a biodegradable, synthetic polymer already widely used in numerous medical fields. Polydioxanone is a popular choice for sutures thanks to its remarkable tensile strength, flexibility, and durability. These qualities are especially important in sutures so that patient movement won’t reopen wounds or cause skin to tear.

Those same qualities make the material ideal for restoring the highly studied indicators of beauty to the face. As cosmetic implants, PDO Max Threads aren’t typically resisted by patients’ immune responses. Similar to its usage in sutures, PDO threads don’t send up red flags to the body.

PDO also has the tensile strength required to go the distance with each patient, holding the lines practitioners worked so hard to recreate in the facial structure. What results is a decade-long difference stemming almost entirely from the science at the heart of each thread.

The technological significance of PDO means that patients come away happy, healthy, and pleased with their results. For providers, this reliability ensures smooth sailing and flattering word of mouth. As a material, PDO is a win/win for all involved.

Applying the Scientific Method

Like any tech company manufacturing hardware or software, PDO Max prides itself on decades of engineering to the highest standards. Years of testing, redesigning, and material sciences have succeeded in creating the optimal PDO thread with maximum hold and a zero failure rate.

At PDO Max, our threads are our unique creations, born from decades of intense study and research. PDO Max creates each and every model across our entire thread lineup, meaning that we don’t import models or use existing specifications in the engineering of each cannula or thread. This allows us to maintain quality control and optimal design across our entire product line.

Both cannula and thread are FDA cleared and ISO13485 certified, designating them as safe for use in the US. As one of the few threads on the market to enjoy such distinctions, PDO Max Threads represent our careful attention to design and manufacturing, cultivated over years of study. 

Accept No Substitutes

From drawings on graph paper to intense research studies, we’ve maintained tight control over the materials, designs, manufacturing processes, and medical device safety standards of our product. For these reasons, PDO Max Threads represent the best possible choice on the market, rising to the top of a hot industry by virtue of technological precision.

But even with all of our investments into design and research, we’ve managed to keep the cost to providers as low as possible, maximizing ROI for cosmetic practices around the world. Our threads are as safe and effective as they can be for patients and affordable enough for providers so that they see tremendous returns year after year, season after season.

To learn more about PDO Max Thread technology, browse our current product lineup. To learn what you need to know to administer PDO Max Threads at your practice, check out our comprehensive training program

What can PDO Max Threads do for you and your patients? Contact us today to find out.

Cutting-edge tech for ideal outcomes and maximum ROI

PDO Max Threads could quickly become your practice’s hottest offering. After already investing so much time, training, and money in laser procedures, the newest trends in facials, and other tech-driven procedures, it’s time to add PDO Max threads to your menu and watch your revenue soar. To learn more about what PDO max Threads can do for your practice, click here

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