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Two needles are connected by a looping, blue, barbed thread with bold words reading: PDO Max Duo

Introducing the Duo Needle – PDO Thread Lift Technology

For PDO thread lift providers and PDO thread manufacturers, success is a double-edged sword. 

On one hand, increased business and louder word of mouth drive new customers to your practice on a weekly basis. But that same popularity can make us complacent—with both our marketing and our service offerings. 

For patients, providers, and manufacturers, newer products are needed to sustain enthusiasm and ensure both present and future popularity.

How PDO Max Rejuvenates Faces & Revenue Nationwide

With so much buzz around PDO thread lifts recently, it’s easy to assume that you’re on the fast-track to lasting financial freedom. But resting on your laurels can stymie innovation, opening gaps that local market that competitors are all too happy to fill.

At PDO Max, we’re always on the lookout for the next best thing in PDO thread technology. But how do we innovate in the midst of success? For starters, we keep our ears open. 

Introducing the Duo Needle – The Newest Innovation from PDO Max 

As North America’s leading provider of PDO threads, we take customer feedback seriously. By listening to our customers and reverse-engineering their applications for our world-class threads, we’re able to strategize newer, more effective, and buzzworthy products.

Our research and development team has been hard at work, scanning customer feedback and designing a revolutionary PDO thread with nearly too many uses to count. Now, that thread is ready for its grand debut.

What is the PDO Max Duo Needle?

Engineered with advanced thread injectors in mind, the new PDO Max Duo Needle offers both a molded and laser-cut barbed thread. 

For this thread, we’ve skipped the customary blunt cannula to maximize versatility. Instead, an omni-directional 6D staircase laser-cut thread pattern connects two needles for expanded applications and superior results.

A blue, PDO thread cut in an omni-directional 6D staircase pattern

What Makes the PDO Max Duo Needle Noteworthy?

Aside from its versatility and expanded range of applications, the Duo Needle serves as a perfect anchor, complementing our full range of smooth and barbed threads. Together with our industry-leading Levo Lock, the Duo Needle is capable of enhancing and preserving results.

Advanced thread injectors can mix-and-match our Duo Needle with their most popular PDO thread lift procedures, boosting longevity and delivering crisp results that patients will absolutely love.

What Facial Area Benefits Most from the Duo Needle?

While the Duo Needle can be used nearly anywhere, it’s ideal for repositioning, lifting, and securing the skin in the mid-facial area. Designed to tether and capture facial fascia, the Duo Needle serves as an anchor in multiple directions. 

In this application, the Duo Needle is especially adept at solving two common patient concerns.

Sagging Cheeks

Skin laxity is one of the primary drivers of an aging appearance. By simply lifting and anchoring fascia in the mid-facial area, the Duo Needle takes years off a patient’s appearance in just a 45-minute to 1-hour procedure. 

Combine the Duo Needle with our Smuth S and Smuth B threads for maximum collagen induction and tighter, smoother skin in the treatment area. For the ultimate beauty enthusiast, our AfterGlo™ Serum makes for the perfect cherry on top.

Nasolabial Folds (Smile Lines/Laugh Lines)

Together with sagging cheeks, pronounced nasolabial folds can age our faces by a factor of a decade or more. After years of smiling, laughing, and grinning, these fine lines and wrinkles can be difficult to shift, but here again, the Duo Needle excels.

By lifting the cheeks and supporting the underlying fascia, the Duo Needle softens smile lines and laugh lines while limiting the impact and development of further creases. 

How Can I Offer the Duo Needle at My Practice?

By listening to some of our veteran injectors, we were able to create the ideal PDO thread and meet actual patient demands at aesthetic practices nationwide. But a practiced hand goes a long way in bringing out the Duo Needle’s full potential.

If you’re relatively new to PDO thread lifts, or thinking about offering them at your practice, then our expert in-office, hands-on training may be just what you need. Start with our basic PDO thread workshops before moving on to advanced sessions. 

Additionally, our on-demand e-learning courses make professional development as easy as logging in. Master your PDO thread lift skills, brush up on reverse vector threading, or learn about PDO thread applications for the body.

After expert training from PDO Max, you’ll be ready to deploy the Duo Needle to the delight of your patients (and your competitor’s patients).

Offer the Duo Needle At Your Practice Today

With ISO 13485 certification, FDA clearance, and MDSAP certification (among others), our threads are already the safest on the market. Now, with newer, more exciting products (like our Levo Lock and topical AfterGlo™ Serum), patients and providers have even more to smile about. 

Brush up on your PDO thread lift skills or place your first order for the Duo Needle today. Together with PDO Max, your practice and your patients can reach newer, better heights.

Harness the Science of Beauty with PDO Max Thread Lifts.

With a spotless reputation, tireless engineers, numerous safety accolades, and a commitment to innovation, PDO Max leads the industry with world-class PDO threads. But by expanding our product lineup and never resting on our laurels, we’re able to provide newer avenues of customer satisfaction and provider success. Explore our Levo Lock, AfterGlo™ Serum, barbed threads, Smuth threads, and expert training today. For more information, contact PDO Max!

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