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Bridging the Gap Between PDO Max Threads and Facelifts/Cosmetic Surgery

Year after year, updated statistics of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the U.S. prove one thing—people are enthusiastic about matching their outward appearance with their inner sense of self. In recent years, breast augmentations have reigned supreme with other procedures skyrocketing in popularity behind them, such as the in-demand facelift. 

Facial rejuvenation procedures have expanded to include laser treatments, HydraFacials, and other non- or minimally invasive cosmetic treatments. But for patients looking for real, lasting change, and for providers looking for increased revenue and foot traffic, offering more drastic procedures provides both community buzz and increased profits.

PDO Max threads enter the industry at the intersection of surgical benefits and med spa-sized providers. As a minimally invasive alternative to the booming facelift procedure, PDO Max threads can provide results that correct lines, wrinkles, and other manifestations of aging in the face, as well as tighten sagging skin under the chin and near the cheeks. It also provides a nice profit margin for providers—a win/win for all involved.


For both patients and providers, procedure cost takes pole position. For patients, hesitancy for the facelift procedure comes in two forms. The first hesitancy deals with the surgical nature and inherent risks of the procedure. But even if a patient can see their way past the involved surgical methods of a facelift, the procedure cost may still cause a second round of hesitation.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost to the patient for a surgical facelift comes in at around $8,000, with some providers charging a good deal more. The average cost of a PDO thread lift, on the other hand, breezes in at around $2,250—a more affordable price for a procedure that can provide dramatic results for the right candidate. While PDO threads are not a permanent solution, the effects can last up to two years and can prolong the need for surgery for those not quite ready. They are also a great alternative for preventative care for younger patients who are starting to see the effects of aging but who do not need a drastic procedure such as a facelift. 

For both small business owners looking to make the most of their limited facilities and surgical providers looking to diversify their offerings, PDO Max threads represent opportunity. With PDO Max threads and our comprehensive training program, you can maximize the potential of your existing facilities and personnel while offering a more affordable alternative to the surgical facelift.

Profit Margin

For small and midsize cosmetic businesses, performing purely surgical procedures requires a significant investment. In many cases, expanding your offerings to include surgical procedures may not be feasible. But for cosmetic providers, surgical or otherwise, PDO Max threads provide a valuable, new revenue stream that either compliments existing surgical offerings or an alternative to them.
Through our expert training program, you and your existing staff can learn everything you need to perform a PDO thread lift at your current facility. PDO Max threads are FDA-cleared and ISO 13485 certified, demonstrating the decades of careful engineering that have gone into distinguishing them as among the safest and most effective products on the market.

Costs per PDO thread package range between $90-$280, allowing for a potential $2,160 profit per procedure at the average thread lift operation cost. Considering that most med spas lack a comparable service altogether, that $2K+ boost in revenue represents income that wasn’t being made or that couldn’t be made at all beforehand. For surgical providers, PDO Max threads create a middle ground for those patients who may not have committed to a surgical facelift otherwise.

No matter your market share, expertise, or present capabilities, adding a PDO Max thread lift procedure to your menu creates revenue where there was nothing before.

Don’t let your competitors pass you by. Offer PDO Max threads this quarter!

As laser, facial, and microneedling technology take over the cosmetic industry, it’s only a matter of time before the next best thing comes along to put your business on its heels. Don’t wait to find out what the next hot cosmetic service is. Learn what you need to start offering PDO Max thread lifts this very quarter. To learn more about PDO Max threads, or to sign your existing team up for our comprehensive training program, click here.

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