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In-Person Training

Stay Sharp with On-Demand & In-Person PDO Max Training Courses

As a medspa operator, plastic surgeon, or rising esthetician, you’re always on the lookout for the next hot procedure to offer at your office. But every leading-edge treatment option constitutes a risk in its own right. Learning, training, material costs, and marketing efforts represent an investment in your business—one that may not, after all, payout.

What you need is perpetual support and guidance from a cosmetic partner who’s willing to go the distance with you. At PDO Max, we can be that partner. 

Industry-Leading PDO Max Training & Support Services

Through a combination of comprehensive, in-office training and on-demand e-learning courses, we’ve got your back in perpetuity. We also go beyond training by delving into the realms of marketing and business support. Constant access to troubleshooting is the cherry on top, giving you the edge you need to widen the gap between you and your nearest competitor. 

In-Office Training

Cosmetic implantation is not an innate skill; it takes practice and competency to complete. At PDO Max, we pride ourselves on our masterful in-office training program. 

In the comfort of your own office, you and select team members will learn dozens of new PDO thread applications to address your client’s needs. By employing a “see one, do one, teach one” approach, you and your staff will gain intimate and repeatable skills from the comfort of your home base. 

Our Workshop Level I course includes instruction on the following:

  • Patient selection strategies
  • Complication management
  • How to perform consultations
  • Inventory maintenance
  • Marketing/Advertising methods
  • Full-day, hands-on training for up to 2 practitioners 

Our Workshop Level II goes even further by teaching you:

  • All skills from Workshop Level I
  • 5 specific thread applications best suited for your individual practice
  • Body contouring techniques
  • Full-day, hands-on training customized to your practice

These beginner and intermediate courses can get you started on your PDO thread lift journey in the familiarity of your own patient rooms. By the time you schedule your first thread lift, you’ll know precisely what you’re doing. 

Advanced Techniques 

To correct specific patient concerns on the forehead, neck, jawline, and around the lips, you may need additional guidance. Successful procedures amplify word of mouth, increasing local business volume and distinguishing you as the person to see. 

To help you stake your claim in the local cosmetic community, PDO Max customizes a selection of advanced techniques for your office during Workshop Level II. This combination of the most popular PDO thread lift techniques includes:

  • Simple three-vector cheek treatment
  • Simple single vector neck and jaw treatment
  • Treatment of “bar-code” smoker’s lines
  • Threading of the vermilion border of the lip
  • Threading for under-eye-filling
  • And more advanced workshops focusing on the body and “inferior to superior” techniques!

Throughout the process, we’ll speak to you about the other services you offer and curate our techniques to enhance your current procedure lineup. Combine PDO thread lifts with injectables (like dermal fillers and neurotoxins), non-invasive procedures (like IPL photofacials and fibroblasting), or even microneedling and RF microneedling.

On-Demand E-Learning Courses

While our workshops focus on primary skills, you may desire more versatility in your PDO thread lift offerings. As demand rises and word of mouth travels, you may find yourself fielding questions you don’t entirely understand from new, interested patients. This is where our on-demand e-learning courses come in.

To support your development, we offer advanced and specialized e-learning courses in the following areas:

  • PDO Max: Thread Lifting Master Class (Full Library of Content)
  • PDO Max: The Triangle of Beauty Face and Neck Course
  • PDO Max: There Is a Thread for That™ Body Course
  • Inferior to Superior with PDO Max: Reverse Vector Threading

Welcome to the PDO Max Family

Through a combination of foundational workshops, advanced techniques, and e-learning courses, you should have everything you need to confidently offer our smooth, barbed, and twisted sutures in your office. Even so, new situations arise on a daily basis that may test your limits.

At PDO Max, we’re available to speak with you about whatever troubles you’re experiencing. We can recommend solutions and help you find answers. Far from just shipping a laser system to your office with a user’s manual attached, PDO Max goes as many extra miles as it takes to ensure your utmost confidence when offering thread lifts at your practice.

Start Your PDO Max Thread Lift Journey Today By Scheduling Training

When you choose PDO Max thread lifts for your office, you’re getting more than just industry-leading threads. We stand by our partners every step of the way—before, during, and after training. Our leading PDO threads are ISO 13485 certified, MDSAP certified, & FDA-cleared for the utmost safety, giving you further confidence and peace of mind that you’re taking a wise step toward future success. To schedule a workshop at your office, contact us today.

Receive over $5,000 in FREE product when you sign up for a training.
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