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Crow’s Feet, Smokers’ Lines, & Frown Lines – How PDO Threads Help

Despite our skin care routines, injectables, dermal fillers, and regular microneedling appointments, fine lines and wrinkles are bound to track us down. Aging happens to the proactive and the careless alike, albeit at different stages and with different intensities. Of course, some fine lines and wrinkles are so common that we’ve developed pet names for them (“bunny lines” spring to mind).

At the end of the day, we all share the same basic facial muscles, leading to the development of the same fine lines and wrinkles. But while prevention and appropriate skin care are important, it’s crucial to know that you can do everything right and still find a line here, a delicate crinkle there. It’s only natural, but it doesn’t have to be for long.

PDO Thread Lifts for Common Fine Lines & Wrinkles

As an industry-leading provider of PDO threads, purpose-built for tackling common fine lines and wrinkles, PDO Max combines the science of beauty with the safest, medical-grade manufacturing processes to produce reliable thread lift results for patients and providers.

Here are the threads we recommend for thread lift procedures aimed at tackling common concerns.

Crow’s Feet

Our skin regenerates on a roughly 27-day cycle. That means, in essence, that you grow, shed, and regrow your outermost layer of skin about once per month. But as we age, those individual skin cells grow forgetful. They’ve reproduced so many times, that small errors occur and fatigue sets in. 

Squinting and smiling day-in, day-out for decades contributes to the development of crow’s feet—so called because they often resemble three long bird toes at the outer corners of our eyes. Thankfully, there’s a PDO thread lift for that.

We Recommend:

  • 3 Vector Cheek & Jowl Package – 6 Barbed & 10 Smuth S Threads
  • Eyebrow Package – 4 Barbed & 10 Smuth S Threads

Nasolabial Folds (Smile Lines)

Also called smile lines or laugh lines, nasolabial folds present as deep creases extending from the nostrils to near the corners of your lips or even farther down toward your chin. These wrinkles can often frame your mouth in an unflattering way or draw attention to the margin between your cheeks and lips. 

Smoking, sun damage, and weight fluctuations can all deepen nasolabial folds, along with an age-related reduction in elastin and collagen production. These two structural proteins grant your skin the ability to bounce back from strain and repair itself. Thankfully, the very presence of PDO threads beneath your skin can supercharge collagen production for years.

We Recommend:

  • Lip Commissure“Gio” Cheek Package – 4 Barbed & 10 Smuth S Threads
  • 3 Vector Cheek & Jowl Package – 6 Barbed & 10 Smuth S Threads

Glabellar Lines (Frown Lines)

This breed of wrinkle gets a bad rap for making you sound like a frequent scowler, but in reality, squinting your eyes to focus or block out intense light leads to the development of “11s” between your eyes. 

Like smile lines and crow’s feet, glabellar lines are bound to happen with the regular, everyday use of your facial muscles. Thankfully, at PDO Max, we have a treatment specifically designed to smooth out the space between your eyebrows.

We Recommend:

  • Glabellar & Inner Eyebrow Package – 5 Smuth S Threads
  • Nose Package – 4 Barbed Nose Threads

Barcode Smokers’ Lines

Smoking may be falling out of fashion now, but many of us were introduced to this habit decades before the worst side effects became common knowledge. Regardless of whether you still smoke, the lines caused by frequent puckering and the localized breakdown of collagen producing proteins can leave our upper lip looking like a barcode.

To reverse these lines, our threads lock into place to tighten the skin beyond their crimped positions. This not only smooths the skin, but inspires a greater production of healing collagen and elastin in the area as well.

We Recommend:

  • Barcode Smokers’ Line Package – 12 Smuth S Threads

Turkey Neck & Jowls

Of course, our faces aren’t alone in exhibiting the effects of time. Our necks are susceptible to the same gravitational forces and skin laxity (looseness) caused by diminished collagen and elastin production. What results is often dubbed turkey neck thanks to the unflattering resemblance. Jowls can also overhang our jawline, causing us to look older and less healthy than we might otherwise appear. 

At PDO Max, we’ve designed a lineup of versatile, safe, and reliable PDO threads to address numerous common symptoms of aging in and around the face, including the neck. Our threads provide the same collagen-boosting benefits when used under the jaw.

We Recommend:

  • Neck Package – 4 Levo Barbed & 7 Smuth S Threads

Lock in Results with the New Levo Lock PDO Thread

Once you’ve determined which package and approach works best for your needs, you may want some extra security to enhance your results. Our new Levo Lock thread works alongside other threads to literally “lock in” results. This ensures greater satisfaction, more powerful benefits, and—most importantly—longer-lasting results. 

Our PDO Max Afterglo™ Serum, meanwhile, uses topical skincare science to support your newly tightened skin and prevent common fine lines and wrinkles from recurring with the same prominence and depth as before. Find everything you need to love the skin you’re in at PDO Max!

Find a Solution for Every Fine Line & Wrinkle with PDO Max

At PDO Max, we take a solution-first approach to facial rejuvenation. By anticipating the common movements of facial muscles and relying on the science of beauty, our threads come ready straight out of the box to solve your or your patient’s greatest concerns.

To learn more about what PDO Max can do for you, explore our full line of PDO threads. Providers can investigate our expert, in-office or on-demand e-learning training courses, and start offering PDO thread lifts at their practice before the new year starts.

Discover for yourself why PDO thread lifts have sent shockwaves through the cosmetic and aesthetic industries by contacting PDO Max today!

Take Your Appearance to the Max with PDO Max Threads & Thread Lifts!

Both both patients and providers, PDO Max threads represent a new avenue of facial rejuvenation. With minimal in-office treatment times and stunning results, PDO thread lifts are rapidly gaining popularity alongside cosmetic injectables, dermal fillers, and numerous plastic surgery procedures. To learn more, contact us today or explore our introductory and expert training courses here.

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