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PDO Max Training – Expanding Your Offerings

Cosmetic professionals join the industry for a multitude of reasons. Some are deeply passionate about self-image and self-care. Others are looking to leverage their experience by offering quality, revenue-generating cosmetic services. A healthy majority of cosmetic providers (like PDO Max’s founder, Giovanna McCarthy) fit into both categories, pursuing their own med spa out of both love for the practice and the desire to succeed as entrepreneurs.

Cosmetic services and providers constitute a billion dollar, transnational industry. But if we’re not careful, the pace of cosmetic technologies may leave us behind. To offer newer, better, more in-demand services, you need a trained workforce capable of adapting to the consumer’s deepest desires.

Enter: the comprehensive PDO Max training program complete with constant support and a dedicated team of experts providing knowledge, in-house practice, and troubleshooting. With the PDO Max training program, your team can learn what they need to administer one of the hottest procedures in the industry today.

Why PDO Max Threads?

For too long there’s been a gulf between minimally and non-invasive cosmetic treatments and surgical procedures. As a provider, your ability to administer certain procedures or treatments may actually limit what you can do at your practice and who you can do it for.

PDO Max Threads provide the benefits of a surgical facelift without the need for expensive, surgical expertise. The procedure (like the threads themselves) help practitioner and patient alike by splitting the difference between minimally invasive and surgical procedures. This gives your patients another option while also creating another avenue for your business to earn revenue with minimal overhead.

PDO Max Trainers

Throughout the cosmetic industry, you’re not likely to find a training program as comprehensive, supportive, and effective as the one provided by PDO Max’s team of expert registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants.

We work with you at your practice and provide the one-on-one training and attention you deserve. This allows our trainers to work with you individually and to answer all your questions as you practice in your own office. Each of our trainers has years of experience in the field and have honed their skills with our FDA-cleared, ISO 13485 threads.

The Training

PDO Max has a thread variety to match your client’s deepest desires. During your training sessions, we make sure you have hands-on experience with multiple types of threads, providing as much practicable knowledge as possible. 

When your office training is complete, and you’ve had the chance to successfully practice on multiple patients, PDO Max will provide you and your office with a certificate demonstrating that you’ve satisfied the high standards necessary to offer our threads to your clientele. 

Our expert trainers will walk you through each of our thread varieties and their applications, including smooth, barbed, and twisted sutures.

Techniques taught include:

  • Simple single vector cheek treatment
  • Simple single vector jaw treatment
  • Treatment of “bar-code” smoker’s lines
  • Threading of the vermilion border of the lip and under eye filling using smooth threads. 

Practitioners will also learn strategies for patient selection, consultation and management of complications.

The Socratic Method

Our trainers are committed to leaving you and your team with all the knowledge you need to confidently perform PDO Max thread procedures. To make sure that everything sticks, our trainers employ the Socratic method of learning, operating off of a “see one, do one, teach one,” method. 

This ensures that the lessons remain long after our trainers have handed over your certificate of completion. Now, you’ve got a new service on your med spa’s menu, a new avenue for revenue, and your own team of highly-trained cosmetic professionals ready to help you make your business dreams come true!

Learn More

PDO Max threads boast a high profit margin and allow your practice to bridge the gap between surgical and minimally invasive procedures. With PDO Max threads available at your office, you can rest assured that you’ve kept your practice at the cutting edge of the billion dollar cosmetic industry.

Learn more, offer more, and increase your revenue with PDO Max!

With less than $100 in raw materials and a certificate of completion from our rigorous training course, your practice and your team can start offering PDO Max threads this very quarter. With affordable material and training costs, you can add thousands to your monthly revenue and generate new business. To learn more about what PDO Max threads can do for your patients and business, click here.

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