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The Science of Beauty – What Attracts Us & How PDO Max Helps

How can we begin to quantify beauty? What angle of the nose do humans consider most pleasing and why? Scientists of all stripes have been trying to unravel the mystery of beauty since the notion first popped into our heads. Now, modern technology and psychological understanding have given us new insights into the features that create that critical sense of “beauty.”

While cultural markers certainly influence what is and isn’t considered beautiful, there are biological reasons why one face presents as being more beautiful than another. Our FDA-cleared PDO Max threads in cannula emphasize these markers to create the appearance of youth, health, and beauty that translates across cultural boundaries.

Here are just a few of the markers of beauty and how PDO Max threads enhance them.

Indicators of Youth

So much of the science of beauty hinges on our desire to reproduce. Appropriately, faces with more youthful features convey a sense of reproductive success. Certain features, like the Ogee curve, appear more frequently in younger faces, contributing to that sense of beauty. 

Commonly used as design inspiration for works of precious world architecture, the Ogee (or double-S) curve refers to the curvature of the cheeks and cheekbones. Thankfully, the Ogee curve has no hard and fast age limit. But as the years go by, these contours may also diminish. PDO Max threads can compliment the Ogee curve by tightening skin along the lines responsible for the cresting and sinking contours. 

The Lip Commissure “Gio” Cheek procedure (2 vectors) uses a combination of Barbed and Smuth S PDO threads to achieve a more pronounced curvature. The 3 Vector Cheek and Jowl procedure goes one step further by lifting, tightening, and deepening the contours associated with youth and health. Both options emphasize the swooping, double-S curve that conveys a sense of health, fertility, and desirability.

Symmetry & Ratios

Geometrical indicators of beauty are as important to the face as indicators of youth or personality. Most of us are familiar with the concept of the Golden Ratio as it applies to facial beauty. Amidst all the numbers, spans, degrees, and correlations, one bit of vital information stands out: the symmetry and dimensions of our facial features speak volumes.

Ultimately, the width, span, and relative size of certain facial aspects in relation to others determines the cumulative notion of “beauty.” To increase symmetry and emphasize pleasing ratios, PDO Max threads offer numerous approaches.

The span between your eyes and just above the bridge of your nose (called the glabella or inner eye area) is one key reference point within the golden ratio. Our Glabellar and inner eyebrow lifting procedure relies on the Smuth S threads and Multi-Threads (7 smooth threads in one cannula) while our dedicated eyebrow procedure attends to tightening and lifting the outer margins of the face nearer the temples. Both procedures improve agreement between certain primary features responsible for the golden ratio.

Other Indicators

Youth, health, signs of personality, and even some instances of asymmetry can influence how “beautiful” others find us. There also seems to be a strong correlation between masculinity and femininity in certain faces when beheld by members of the same or opposite sex. All that to say that beauty is complicated, subject to biological, psychological, and cultural markers while also influenced by individual preference.

When swimming through all the ways this or that inch of the face influences this or that indicator of beauty, it doesn’t take long for your head to start spinning. Ultimately, seeing yourself as beautiful is the most important thing. When you appreciate your reflection in the mirror, you meet the world with that appreciation in your heart. 

PDO Max Threads have been carefully engineered to create that sense of appreciation. Our PDO threads are one of, if not the, safest options on the market today. With FDA clearance, ISO 13485 and MDSAP certifications (among others) patients and practitioners alike can count on our threads to safely cultivate that sense of beauty.

Your Beauty Journey

Patients and cosmetic providers both benefit from safe, effective, and minimally invasive beauty-enhancing procedures. For providers, PDO Max thread training is comprehensive and the support they receive beyond the in-house, hands-on training sessions is invaluable. Each PDO Max thread provides stunning ROIs. 

For patients, our PDO Max threads represent a tried and true, minimally-invasive method for enhancing beauty in the face, neck, and jawline—all key players in achieving the ideal golden ratio. Whatever your needs, whatever your goals, there’s PDO Max threads. That is why one of our signature slogans is “There’s a Thread for That.”

Harnessing the Science of Beauty Through PDO Max Threads

Whether you or your customers are looking to improve their ogee curve, symmetry, golden ratio, or anything else, there’s a PDO Max thread procedure to match. Our extensive training program uses hands-on, in-office learning from leading experts to educate you in all things PDO Max. Improve ROI, entice customers, and diversify your service offerings with PDO Max. Contact us today to find out how we and our threads can help you. 


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