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PDO Max Threads – Customer Reviews

At PDO Max, we’re dedicated to the pursuit of beauty. Our industry-leading PDO Max threads are purposefully engineered to satisfy the high demands of two different, but related, customer bases. Firstly, we serve practitioners—our partners in the pursuit of beauty. Secondly, we serve the customers themselves by ensuring the effectiveness and utmost safety of our products. 

For both practitioners and patients, our FDA-cleared threads in cannula represent an affordable compliment to other medspa and cosmetic procedures. And our training program is comprehensive, further improving both the practitioner and patient experience.

Whether you’re a practitioner searching for a new, safe procedure with tremendous ROI, or a patient looking to enhance your own natural beauty with cutting-edge cosmetic tech, we’re here to help you achieve your goals. 

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Here’s just a sample of what our customers are saying.

On Training

Learning a new skill can, in many ways, feel like taking a risk—especially when a business is involved. But Melissa Judeh of JEM Medspa put in the ground work before deciding on PDO Max.  

“I had the wonderful opportunity to train on PDO Max with Dr. Dina,” Melissa says. “We did a lot of research before deciding to go with the PDO Max company as well as with Dina as our trainer.”

The professionalism and expertise of PDO Max trainers were on display throughout the learning process. 

“She shared all of her techniques with us and was very patient with her teaching style. And the threads are amazing, much better than what we were using before. If you are looking to add threads to your menu of services, I highly recommend looking into PDO Max and training with Dr. Dina!”

Another JEM Medspa trainee, Nicole Gallucci, felt excitement at learning a new, practicable procedure to offer patients while increasing revenue. 

“Learning a new skill always brings about excitement,” Nicole notes, “but also a sense of nervousness. I remember meeting Dina and immediately feeling a sense of comfort. Whether it was her upbeat demeanor or her amazing passion for threads, she was an outstanding instructor and kept us feeling at ease.” 

Throughout the training, Nicole was impressed with the attention to detail and the effort spent in ensuring that skills were truly learned.

“She was very thorough, making sure we not only understood the technique, but also performed it correctly. She took her time and never made us feel rushed. Dina welcomed our questions and made sure when the training was complete she was always available to us.” 

On Business ROI & The Competitive Edge

Mary Constantino—co-founder and vice president of Ageless Aesthetics in Amsterdam, NY—can’t speak highly enough about the difference PDO Max Threads made to her business.

Ryan McCarthy and the PDO Max team have made a significant difference to our business,” Mary says. “The personal training and use of one of the only FDA cleared threads in cannula has given us an edge in the med spa industry.”

The newfound advantage to Mary’s business was quickly passed on to her customers. “We are able to provide our clients with this advanced technique to help restore a more youthful appearance.

Mary’s customers appreciate having PDO Max Threads as a compliment for or alternative to other cosmetic technologies and procedures. Accordingly, the enthusiastic response from her customer base has improved Mary’s business standing within her community.

[PDO Max has] enabled us, coached us and given us more confidence to provide our clients with more options when it comes to anti-aging. It engages our clients and brings our business great results.

On Patient Enthusiasm

At Aire MedSpa in Sarasota, FL, Dr. Francesca Walters discovered what a difference PDO Max threads can make in a patient’s life. 

My clients and I are absolutely obsessed with PDO Max threads,” Dr. Walters says. “The thread lift procedure not only addresses aging, but results are instant and look completely natural.”

Dr. Walter’s enthusiasm for PDO Max threads speaks volumes about both ROI and customer response. Thanks to the comprehensive training provided by Dina BenDavid, Dr. Walters had the knowledge she needed to guide her patients through the PDO Max thread procedure.

Before the end of my training, I felt confident that I was going to deliver safe and excellent results to all my clients. Thank you PDO Max!

PDO Max Threads – For Practitioners & Patients

PDO Max threads are already trusted by patients and providers throughout the world. Our FDA-cleared, ISO 13485 and MDSAP certified threads represent some of the highest quality threads on the market today. To ensure a successful application of our cutting-edge cosmetic tech, Dina BenDavid and the PDO Max team provide hands-on, in-office training and constant support so that our practitioner partners never have to go it alone. 

To learn more about what PDO Max threads can do for you, visit us online or contact us today. For both patients and practitioners, our threads can enhance the lines of beauty on the face as well as the bottom line for any business.

Answering Your Questions about PDO Max Threads

From our comprehensive training program to our current, cutting-edge thread lineup, PDO Max is leaving no stone unturned in pursuit of the ultimate minimally-invasive procedure for patients and practitioners alike. Our products are among the safest on the market today, and our training program is 2nd to none. For increased revenue, a competitive advantage in your market, the professional development of your staff, and the improvement of your customers’ lives, there’s PDO Max Threads. Contact us today to find out how we and our threads can help you. 

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