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“I recently had the pleasure and good fortune to train on PDO Max with Dr Dina BenDavid. After doing much research on the different thread products out there, we chose PDO Max due to their comprehensive training and FDA clearances. I can’t even explain just how detailed this training was. After the training, I felt that I would actually be comfortable performing threads on a variety patients. This was something I did not experience after a group training I attended by another company.

The training was very individualized and hands on and Dr. Dina went above and beyond. We went way past the time allotted, but we were never rushed. Dr Dina was so generous with her time and knowledge. She is brilliant and talented and yet so approachable. You feel like you are training with your best friend! She will absolutely make sure you are comfortable before the training is complete and that you have had opportunity to use every type of thread and in every area of the face and neck. Even after the training, she has generously been there to answer any questions and help determine treatment plans. Honestly, I don’t know why you would use any other thread company or any other trainer!”

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