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PDO Max: There Is a Thread for That™ Body Course



PDO threads are a fantastic tool for procedures beyond the face and neck. Further develop your PDO Max thread techniques by learning new skillsets to lift and tighten various parts of the body.  

When you choose to incorporate PDO Max threads into your business, you’re getting more than just an FDA-cleared thread in cannula, you are getting comprehensive training and endless support.

What you’ll get:

  • An understanding of our PDO techniques for body contouring
  • Procedures include the knee, lower leg, arm, décolletage, thigh, and buttock
  • Practitioners will also learn strategies for patient selection, numbing techniques, consultation and management of complications

Disclaimer: This is strictly for educational purposes only. This does not certify you in the threading process. Most insurance companies will require a hands-on course to offer this procedure to patients.

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