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PDO Max: The Triangle of Beauty Face and Neck Course



From refreshing the triangle of beauty, to highlighting the Ogee curve, PDO threads can restore these features for many patients in a minimally invasive way. When it comes to cosmetic procedures, patients most often seek to enhance the part of themselves that most people see first: the face. This course focuses on the most sought-after facial and neck procedures using PDO threads.

When you choose to incorporate PDO Max threads into your business, you’re getting more than just an FDA-cleared thread in cannula, you are getting comprehensive training and endless support.

What you’ll get:

  • An understanding of our PDO techniques using several of our thread products, including smooth, barbed, ciclone, and multi thread sutures used on the face and neck.
  • Practitioners will also learn strategies for patient selection, numbing techniques, consultation and management of complications

Disclaimer: This is strictly for educational purposes only. This does not certify you in the threading process. Most insurance companies will require a hands-on course to offer this procedure to patients.

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