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Inferior to Superior with PDO Max: Reverse Vector Threading



Further develop your PDO Max thread techniques of the face and neck by learning an advanced procedure called inferior to superior, also known as reverse vector, that provides maximum hold in a procedure. An introduction to Levo Lock™, a more durable PDO thread device that PDO Max introduced to the aesthetic market to help maximize support and “lock” in the tissue reposition will be covered. Levo Lock™ secures in place like Velcro when performing an advanced PDO thread technique called “inferior to superior” where the thread is inserted from bottom to top toward the scalp to lock into place.

When you choose to incorporate PDO Max threads into your business, you’re getting more than just an FDA-cleared thread in cannula, you are getting comprehensive training and endless support.

What you’ll get:

  • A full understanding of the advanced thread applications
  • Application of the newest, strongest locking thread on the market: Levo Lock™
  • A detailed understanding of the entire threading process from consultation to post treatment

Disclaimer: This is strictly for educational purposes only. This does not certify you in the threading process. Most insurance companies will require a hands-on course to offer this procedure to patients.

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