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Victoria Presley, RN

Position: PDO Max Trainer
Instagram: @toxpresley

Victoria Presley, RN, is an expert Aesthetic Nurse Injector and has an array of nursing experience, from travel Critical Care to Trauma Charge Nurse at Vanderbilt University’s Level 1 Trauma Center. Victoria, with her keen eye to detail, is someone you can trust with any of your aesthetic needs. Victoria’s expert technique and personalized approach reflects her innate understanding of how to look better, naturally. Victoria’s personal approach to facial aesthetics is to enhance a client’s natural beauty, inside and out, all while maintaining the uniqueness that makes you YOU! Whether it’s by restoring volume loss with dermal fillers, or reversing those pesky wrinkles with Xeomin, Victoria will help you achieve your aesthetic goals. In her spare time, she is an avid traveler, who loves to spend time in the gym working on her physical health. She also has an artistic eye for flower arrangements where she creates beautiful works of art alongside her mother at Geny’s Flower & Bridal, a family owned shop run by her mother. She has a rescue greyhound named Sturgess Barrington Presley that is simply the cutest!

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