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Kirsten Ziomek, BSN, RN

Position: PDO Max Trainer
Instagram: @injectorkirsten

Kirsten Ziomek, BSN, RN is both an aesthetic injector and a Certified Laser Technician and she has performed over 50,000 injectable, medical aesthetic and laser treatments. She graduated cum laude from Grand Canyon University with her Bachelors of Science in Nursing in 2012.

Beginning her career, Kirsten worked within an adult neurological stroke unit, as well as with pediatrics. She explored nursing outside of the hospital and quickly discovered her passion for facial aesthetics and has fully committed herself to the field for over 7 years.

Kirsten loves to assess all her patients from a global approach. In her own words, “I am not here to create a face that isn’t yours. Instead, I want to help bring back the youthfulness and joy into your appearance. It matters most that we match the reflection in the mirror to your inner beauty.”

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