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Diana Daly

Position: V.P. of Marketing and Client Experience
Phone: 800-670-0225

Diana is responsible for developing PDO Max’s marketing strategy to create awareness of the company’s business activities and bring heightened awareness to the growing demand for PDO Max products, as well as assisting in the overall onboarding and relationship management of practitioners using the PDO products and trainings. Diana produces valuable content for the company’s online presence, editorial design and organizing the company’s publications to help reach a national audience of medical practitioners and their clientele.

Diana has been passionate about marketing since the beginning of her career over 15 years ago and has honed her skills most recently as Head of Product Relationships for Atria Wealth Solutions, a financial firm based in Manhattan, where she collaborated with strategic partners promoting the value of the firm and the various product solutions for financial professionals.

“When I think about the value that PDO Max brings to the aesthetic marketplace, I know it is about quality, innovation, and red-carpet customer service. PDO Max’s vision for their client-base is unrivaled in this industry. I look forward to developing the brand and strategy to continue to elevate the customer experience and bring our products and trainings to new heights.”

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