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Dana Kilthau, RN, MSN, MBA

PDO Max Trainer

Dana Kilthau, RN, MSN, MBA, and owner of Skin Deep...

Pam Chaney, RN, BSN, MEPC

PDO Max Trainer

Pam Chaney is the founder, owner, and director of Pam...

Michael Fauth, BSN, RN

PDO Max Trainer

Nurse injector with 14 years of nursing experience. Currently work...

Tashia Prince-Lacombe, NP

PDO Max Trainer

Tashia K Prince-Lacombe is a dual certified adult-gerontological and psychiatric...

Luis Aponte, APRN-C

PDO Max Trainer

My name is Luis Angel Aponte, APRN-C. Here is a...

Rachel Polazzi, CRNA

PDO Max Trainer

In 2007, Rachel Polazzi, CRNA was first introduced to ultrasound...

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