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‘Suspend’ Aging with the Celebrity-Coveted Cheek Pop

In these days of highly effective, yet minimally invasive rejuvenation procedures, innovative age-defying treatments are only a thread away. PDO MaxTM thread lifts (Liverpool, N.Y.) are an extremely efficacious method to provide patients with a tighter and more youthful appearance of the face and neck.

Dina BenDavid, DNP, MS, FNP-C, founder and clinical director at Divine Beauty (Edgartown, Mass.) has taken advantage of PDO Max’s latest technologies to design a unique treatment dubbed the Cheek PopTM. She exclusively uses PDO Max threads for this procedure.

PDO Max provides one of the only FDA- cleared PDO threads in-cannula in North America. Along with Dr. BenDavid’s instant Cheek Pop technique, PDO Max’s polydioxa- none threads instantly lift skin while main- taining a naturally youthful appearance.
Dr. BenDavid’s signature treatment first lifts the fat pads of the cheek to a higher posi- tion, then, as the threads safely dissolve, the skin continues to produce collagen for true rejuvenation.

According to Dr. BenDavid, PDO threads are safe, and when placed properly, can instantly lift the cheeks and jowls to reduce folds and marionette lines. The threads will dissolve in approximately six months; how- ever, the collagen synthesis will continue for much longer. She prefers thread lifts to injections in many cases, as they provide a more natural and longer lasting result.

“We have all seen it…the infamous “pillow face” resulting from too much (or inappropriately-placed) filler,” said Dr. BenDavid. “This can also happen over time after getting fillers, since the skin cannot hold the extra volume the same way it did when it was younger, because skin loses elasticity as it ages.”

Dr. BenDavid explained that overfilling leads to an unnatural look over time that can fur- ther damage the patient’s skin elasticity. “This is not an issue with threads, since we are using the face’s natural volume to lift, and the threads themselves build more collagen,” she explained. “In many cases after threads, we avoid having to use filler altogether.”
The ideal patient for a PDO Max thread lift includes patients in their 40s and 50s who are not quite ready for facelift surgery, and for younger patients who desire a contoured jawline, brows or cheeks also referred to as the “snatched” look. “The minimal downtime and lower cost of thread lifts make them appealing,” Dr. BenDavid added.

“My Cheek Popis a highly specialized technique that truly requires a one-on-one training to learn and perform safely. When done properly, there is very little downtime and only mild soreness. What would have previously required several syringes of filler can now be done with just a few threads – and with a more natural result!”

PDO Max consistently moves the bar with their updated threads that are designed to keep up with current trends. “I use PDO Max’s Levo threads for my Cheek Pop, as the laser cut barb pattern works incredibly well to really pick up that fat pad and create a cheek contour,” Dr. BenDavid shared. The barbs are key to holding the skin into place, allowing the body ample time to naturally produce collagen in the right places, which accounts for the long- lasting effect.

Thanks to innovative products and high- quality training, PDO Max and Dr. BenDavid have truly created the tools for aesthetic physicians and practitioners to increase their treatment portfolios and patient sat- isfaction. PDO Max has certainly earned its reputation of being the company that elevates the science of beauty to benefit both patients and cosmetic practices.

The Aesthetic Guide | July/August 2021 |

By Cindy J. Papp, Contributing Editor

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