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PDO MAX FDA Clearance [Press Release]

PDO Max (formerly Rejuvn8) provides safe, convenient, and regulatory-cleared PDO threads, in the cannula, for aesthetic professionals.

SYRACUSE, New York., January 3, 2020/ — PDO MAX, INC ( is pleased to announce that it has received 510(k) clearance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) (K190245) for its brand of PDO (polydioxanone) absorbable threads in the cannula. PDO threads are used in aesthetic medicine and are a sterile, biodegradable, monofilament synthetic composed polymer. The clearance is for both the PDO threads and cannula combined into one device, unlike many other providers in the market.

PDO MAX threads, formerly Rejuvn8 PDO Threads:

  • Bring a new level of safety for aesthetic medical professionals.
  • When coupled with training and support from their medically trained staff, provide peace of mind.
  • PDO Max threads provide exceptional tensile strength that makes the threads easier to insert and provide the tissue approximation needed to achieve the patient’s desired aesthetic results.

“We are dedicated to bringing our aesthetic medical professionals true peace of mind with our FDA-cleared PDO threads,” said Juliana Ucchino, Vice President of Operations for PDO Max Inc. “PDO MAX threads, used alone, or in addition to the provider’s preferred injectable product, greatly add to the ability of our medical professionals to deliver nonsurgical, minimally invasive total facial aesthetics solutions.”

“PDO Max is pleased to offer aesthetic practitioner training on our PDO MAX threads,” says Giovanna McCarthy, the CEO of PDO Max. “We focus on training physicians and their medical staff in the best practices for device-based aesthetic medicine treatments, of which PDO threads provide immediate results not to just the face, but we see their potential to be used effectively in other areas of the body. This is set to be a trend in the future, according to our research.”

“We look forward to using the PDO MAX cleared threads and cannulas in our practice, and learn new techniques, and working on the best outcomes for our patients from a medical device company dedicated to bringing safe and effective devices to the aesthetic medical market,” stated Dr. Annika Crosby, of Physician Skin Services.

About PDO MAX, INC. PDO MAX, Inc. is headquartered in Syracuse, NY, and is a medical device provider for medical aesthetic needs in U.S. and Canadian markets. For more information regarding PDO MAX threads, to place an order, or to attend one of our educational seminars, don’t hesitate to contact PDO MAX at 800-670-0225 or visit our website at

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