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Tech Spotlight: Polydioxanone – Strength & Safety

The methods behind a surgical facelift are well known. Through a process of targeted incisions, tissue tightening, fat sculpting, and contouring, facelifts ultimately take years off the face. Other treatments (like Botox®, dermal fillers, and brow lifts) are similarly understood by the average cosmetic consumer. 

So, where do PDO thread lifts fit in? How much do you know about the methods and technology behind one of the fastest-growing cosmetic procedures on the market today?

Tech & Technique: PDO Thread Lifts

PDO Max Threads in cannula succeed through an implantation procedure, which lifts and tightens underlying tissue throughout the face. The versatility of the procedure creates desired contours across a range of applications. While the methodology may sound simple enough, the technology behind PDO Max threads is anything but.

PDO—standing for polydioxanone—is a medical marvel material used throughout the cosmetic and healthcare industries. But what makes PDO especially ideal for non-surgical facelift-adjacent treatments?

What is Polydioxanone?

PDO is a synthetic absorbable polymer used in numerous ways throughout the healthcare field today, including cardiac surgery. For medical applications, PDO takes the form of a monofilament (“single” or “one” filament) thread finer than a human hair. As a monofilament, PDO threads enjoy greater versatility as implantation devices.

The PDO threads can be inserted under the skin in hashtag pattern, which act as a “scaffold” to help hold the skin against the effects of gravity. Once the PDO threads are inserted under the skin, it prompts the body’s automatic response by stimulating collagen and elastin production. 

Advantages of PDO

As a medical-grade substance, PDO provides nearly countless advantages over similar monofilament structures made of less-viable materials. 


When compared to other materials of a similar vein—nylon and polypropylene—PDO enjoys greater tensile strength. To put that into perspective, seatbelts are often made of woven nylon, and polypropylene is used to make everything from car bumpers to home siding. As cosmetic devices, PDO threads are either smooth threads or barbed threads. Barbed threads help grab and shape the underlying tissue of the face—a primary function that would not be possible without incredible tensile strength. While their grip is strong, these are not permanent threads and the body absorbs these PDO threads in 6-9 months.


Already widely used in medical-grade sutures, PDO is a safe, absorbable, synthetic material that repositions tissue that has started to sag. Despite its remarkable tensile strength, PDO is also flexible, making patient facial movement more comfortable. 

PDO Max Threads are also ISO 13485 certified (manufacturer & distributor), MDSAP certified, and FDA cleared.


Unlike the surgical methods involved in typical facelifts, PDO thread lifts are completely reversible. These are not permanent threads. For starters, the threads themselves can be removed from their initial placement by patient request. But the threads are also naturally biodegradable after 6-9 months, providing remarkable results from 18 to 22 months after the thread lift procedure. 


As a medical implant device, PDO threads literally inspire a desirable response within the body’s own internal systems. Once detected, the body reacts to the implantation by increasing its production of collagen and hyaluronic acid—two naturally occurring healing agents responsible for the health, quality, texture, luster, and fullness of facial skin. 

Everything You & Your Patients Need it to Be

As technology advances across the board, cosmetic procedures will benefit too. Leaps in synthetic materials, laser diodes, and physiological understanding similarly advance the cosmetic and medical fields. 

PDO is a strong, safe, absorbable, inspirational, and affordable material. Thanks to PDO, thread lift procedures are quickly climbing the charts of the most popular cosmetic procedures in America today. The only question remaining is: are you ready to offer PDO Max Thread Lifts at your practice? 

A 21st-century material for 21st-century patients: PDO Threads

Understanding and offering PDO Max Threads at your cosmetic practice begins with our world-class training program. Afterward, you’ll curate your thread lift offerings by choosing packages from our versatile thread lineup. To learn more about PDO Max Threads, ROI, and polydioxanone, contact us today!


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