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PDO Max – Who We Are & What We’re About

Choosing a PDO thread for your practice can be an overwhelming task. We know you have several options, and you’re looking for a product line that ticks all the important boxes. The safety and well-being of your patients, the quality of the thread itself, the styles of thread available, and the training and support you’ll receive are likely just a few of your many considerations.

We created PDO Max threads after finding ourselves in the same dilemma. As PDO thread educators, we were putting several sutures to the test in our training and quickly learned all the things we loved in a thread and all the ways several of them were lacking. After an exhaustive search and hours of trial and error, we ultimately decided we could do better and set to work making the perfect thread ourselves.

PDO Max Threads

Today PDO Max is proud to be one of the only FDA-cleared polydioxanone threads-in-cannula in North America (K190245). Formerly Rejuvn8, PDO Max has been a trusted PDO threads educator and supplier since 2014. 

Safety has always been our priority; we know it’s yours too. That’s why we spent four years on research and rigorous testing to meet stringent FDA guidelines. We wanted to create a thread that exceeds expectations on every level.

PDO Max threads are also made in an ISO-certified plant, so you can trust that our threads are consistent and made under sterile conditions, in addition to their safety profile and premium quality.

Our FDA clearance and ISO certification represent our commitment to patient safety, our love and enthusiasm for this modality, and the stunning outcomes we’re excited to facilitate. We offer you and your patients peace of mind, so you can focus more energy on getting beautiful results.

Speaking of beautiful results, we began this journey as educators and remain enthusiastic about education. At PDO Max, we believe the right tools and techniques are fundamental to achieving consistent, optimal results and minimizing complications.

It’s not enough to provide you with a superior product. We want you to achieve superior outcomes. That’s why training is as important to what we do as the manufacturing process. When your patients look good, you look good, and in turn, you look good. Plus, we stay on the leading edge of new techniques to keep you there too!

We offer individual and group training and ongoing support for your practice. Ask any of the hundreds of aesthetics practices who swear by our threads—PDO Max is with you every step of the way. 

We also know you need versatility. We did too! We’re excited to share the endless possibilities our threads can offer your patients. PDO Max carries twenty-one different types of PDO threads in the cannula, including mono, barbed, and twist, to allow you to address a multitude of concerns. We’re especially proud of our multi-directional barbed threads. Thirty years-worth of research inspired our barb pattern that consistently offers the most lift and lowest rate of failure.

Details matter. We know that everything from the density of the barbs, the angle at they’re cut, and the gauge and length of the thread impact the tensile strength and degree of lift you can get for your patients. And we’re perfectionists.

PDO Max worked to create a thread that not only delivers exceptional results but is also a pleasure to work with. There isn’t a detail on our devices that wasn’t deliberately designed for safety, results, and ease of use.

Our passion for PDO thread techniques and their remarkable results is at the heart of everything we do, and we believe this passion is reflected in the quality of our FDA-cleared threads-in-cannula and training. If the science of beauty and making a difference for your patients is what you’re passionate about, too, we’d be honored to support your practice. Get in touch with PDO Max today!

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