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How We Got Here, Where We’re Going – The PDO Max Thread Story

The modern cosmetic industry has come a long way. These days, you’re as likely to find laser services for sale nearby as you are hydrating creams or facials. Like all great innovations, these technological advancements result from difficult problems without existing solutions. The story of PDO Max Threads certainly follows this trend. 

Even so, the cosmetic industry of today relies on (and markets predominantly to) women while still operating occasionally at their expense. The pursuit of beauty is one that we, as individuals, can all get behind. But as with other industries, it’s vital that the consumers themselves (the women of America) have a say in the cosmetic treatments and procedures they’re being offered. 

PDO Max threads are enjoyed by men and women alike and by both providers and patients. As one of the safest medical devices available on the market today, our PDO Max threads represent the leading, minimally-invasive treatment to restore indicators of beauty and health to the face.

Here’s how we got where we are today and a little sample of where we’re headed.

Problem Meets Solution

As a visionary entrepreneur, PDO Max founder Giovanna McCarthy has always been ahead of the curve. After operating and merging several successful hair styling businesses, she envisioned and executed the Day Spa concept long before the industry took off worldwide. In 1990, Ms. McCarthy designed and built the first Day Spa of its kind in Syracuse, NY, combining intricate clinical procedures with popular spa treatments.

Despite her early and enduring successes, Ms. McCarthy remained on the lookout for technologies, services, and procedures that could further close the gap between spa treatments and in-depth aesthetic procedures. Finally, in 2014, after consulting and learning from top plastic surgeons in Italy, Ms. McCarthy recognized that PDO Threads were the innovative procedure she’d been looking for to fill the void in the U.S. aesthetic market. 

Ms. McCarthy set about conducting exhaustive research, reviewing existing literature and ultimately determining the best thread and barb designs. In 2017, she formed PDO Max with an ISO certified manufacturing plant to create her revolutionary designs.

Priority #1 – Safety

It was in January 2020 that PDO Max became one of a few companies to receive full FDA Clearance for a PDO thread-in-cannula device. Manufacturing threads in-house with an ISO certified manufacturer ensured the utmost standard of safety which was quickly recognized by the FDA.  

Now, with over 20 varieties of barbed-, smooth-, ciclone-, and multi-thread options, our motto has become, “There’s a Thread for That™.” 

“We are always listening to the needs of our customers,” Ms. McCarthy says. “[We] try to design products that are not only safe, but effective and convenient, so that practitioners can perform the procedure with more ease.”

PDO Max threads are designed to be as safe as possible to protect both the patient and the provider. In no certain order, PDO Max threads hold the following safety certifications:


Fast forward to the present day. PDO Max is the trusted provider of hundreds of medical practices marketing, selling, and performing our proprietary FDA-cleared Polydioxanone (PDO) thread procedure. 

FDA-cleared PDO Max threads have helped countless providers expand their practices with comprehensive training and tireless device support. PDO Max offers both group and individual instructional courses, which cover the application of our cutting-edge PDO techniques. By focusing on the science of beauty and the most effective ways to restore the indicators of health, our threads use minimally invasive techniques that offer stunning results for both the face and the bottom line.

What’s Next?

PDO Max threads have been exhaustively certified as “safe for sale and use” in the leading nations of the world, but we won’t rest on our laurels until our threads are widely available everywhere. Along with both existing and new partners in North America and internationally, we’re innovating, expanding, and training cosmetic providers in how to utilize our cutting-edge medical tech to the benefit of their business and their patients.

For providers searching for new revenue, and for patients looking for a more affordable, less invasive alternative to surgical facelifts, there’s PDO Max Threads. You and your office can learn what you need to know today to start offering PDO Max threads in 2022. 

Give your practice a new edge and a stronger ROI with PDO Max Threads

Our comprehensive training program includes in-office sessions and tireless support so that you and your staff have the knowledge and confidence you need to start the new business year off right. PDO Max Threads have rapidly become one of the most popular and trendy procedures in the world today. Don’t let your practice get beat to the punch. Learn more about our current thread lineup and what each can do for you or your patients here.

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