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PDO Max: Elevating the Science of Beauty and Your Practice FDA Cleared PDO Threads in Cannula

More than 30 years ago, Giovanna McCarthy—a hungry entrepreneur with an interest in cosmetic services—opened the first day spa of its kind in Syracuse, NY. At the time, spa services and aesthetic clinic procedures were limited to their respective facilities—serene spa spaces or sanitized operating rooms.

The notion of combining the comfort and relaxation of a spa with the procedures and high health-and-safety standards of an operating clinic had only just begun to catch on, and Giovanna quickly discovered that the “Day Spa” or “Medi Spa” (as it would come to be called) could provide new services to a growing segment of eager clients.

Far from content with her success, Giovanna persevered over the course of 3 additional decades to create the FDA-cleared, ISO 13485 certified PDO Max thread—a minimally-invasive alternative to the surgical facelift procedure that could be offered at establishments just like her own day spa.

Now, with clients across the country and expansion plans in place for Canada, PDO Max threads are industry-famous for customer satisfaction, high-tensile strength, optimal safety standards, and—for business owners—incredible profit margins.


Safety First

For both patients and providers, safety is paramount. PDO Max spent years maximizing the efficacy and safety of both thread and cannula for the utmost reassurance. For the continued health of both patients and businesses, PDO Max has pulled out all the stops in creating one of (if not the) safest PDO thread on the market today.

PDO Max threads in cannula are FDA-cleared and ISO 13485 certified, meaning that both thread and cannula meet a quality management threshold high enough to convince the medical establishment of both the device’s safety and efficacy. Furthermore, PDO Max threads have earned Medical Device Single Audit Program (MDSAP) certification, meeting and exceeding the regulatory rigors of the United States and Canada among several other countries.

Teaching Providers

As a day spa owner herself, PDO Max Threads founder, Giovanna McCarthy, knew that creating a top-tier product with a focus on ultimate safety would only get her half the way toward her dream of closing the gap between spas and clinics. If PDO Max Threads were going to be offered at med spas around the country as a safe, less-invasive alternative to surgical facelift procedures, then providers would have to learn the intricacies of both the device and its application.

PDO Max’s training program has been curated over the years to teach practicable, in-office skills to providers. PDO Max trainers walk providers through every step of the process, educating them on the variety of PDO Max threads and the smallest details of the procedure to ensure the utmost competency. Once the full day of in-office training has been successfully performed, providers receive a certificate of completion, meaning that they can start offering the PDO Max thread to their clients the very same day.

As compassionate professionals, the PDO Max team provides constant support for participants in perpetuity, offering a valuable lifeline to providers for years to come.

Proof is in The Product

The current PDO Max thread line has been carefully created to provide different benefits and results to both patients and providers. Each PDO Max thread provides unique improvements for different areas of focus, and each is designed to achieve that remarkable difference that your patients expect. 

Here’s just a few of the areas of improvement targeted by PDO Max threads:

  • Eyebrow lift
  • Glabellar & inner eyebrow lift
  • 3 vector cheek and jowl
  • Lip commissure “Gio” cheek
  • Nose
  • Barcode smoker’s lines
  • Under eye
  • Very depleted under eye
  • Jaw
  • Neck

For those patients that express a reticence in pursuing a full, surgical facelift, PDO Max threads offer the safest possible alternative, giving both patient and provider a much-needed intermediate procedure while maintaining safety and stunning, visible improvements. What results is a win-win for both patient and provider by filling the gap between injectable and cosmetic surgery procedures.

FDA-Cleared Threads in Cannula

The future of cosmetic procedures and med spa services is here. PDO Max threads have been designed to achieve the highest quality without compromising ROI or profit margins for partner providers. Safe for both patients and businesses, PDO Max threads create a vital avenue for additional revenue that your business, giving you an edge in your area and industry.

To learn more about the current PDO Max thread lineup, or to become a provider yourself, see what PDO Max threads can do for you here.


Hop aboard the future of the cosmetic & spa industries with PDO Max!

PDO Max threads required 3 decades to perfect, but you’ll only need a day to complete our comprehensive training program. Take your business to the next level by providing a dream-come-true procedure to your day spa or med spa customers—all without worrying about product/procedure quality. To learn more about what PDO Max threads can do for your patients and business, click here.

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