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No Common Thread – Stand Out with PDO Max

With the rising patient demand for less inva- sive cosmetic treatments, thread lifts have made a comeback. But not all threads are created equal. PDO MaxTM (Liverpool, N.Y.) is a pioneer in the field as they design and create their own threads, resulting in a series of innovative products and one of the only FDA-cleared threads in-cannula in North America. Combined with their world-class, hands-on training, aesthetic physicians and patients benefit from access to a variety of procedures, while practices increase their armamentarium of aesthetic solutions along with their patient portfolio.

Dina BenDavid, DNP, clinical director at Divine MedSpa (Edgartown, Mass.) uses PDO Max threads exclusively in her practice. “I have found their tensile strength and product quality to be superior. In fact, PDO threads have transformed my practice,” she shared. “PDO Max has recently launched some new, exciting threads to accommodate new trends and a market void. With their products I am able to achieve global facial optimization in a more natural and safer way, as threads are filling the gap between inject- ables and surgery.”

According to Annika Crosby, MD, founder of Physician SkinCare Services (Minneapolis, Minn.), PDO threads are easy to use, thanks to features such as cannula stiffness and a unique tensile strength of the thread. “The results are by far superior to anything we have seen up to this point,” she explained. “Before trying PDO threads, we had traveled
all over the country to train on other brands of threads, and we were not happy with any of them. We decided to give threads one last shot before dropping them altogether – PDO Max won us over. We have been using PDO Max threads for several years now, with much success.”

According to Dr. Crosby, clients are enjoying the quick effects with long-lasting results. She elaborated, “In our practice the current most popular use is of the larger, barbed threads for lifting cheeks, jowls and brows. Our clients love the immediate and long- term results of this technique. We also are using more of the Smuth threads for collagen stimulation in areas such as the decollate, abdomen and neck.”

Dr. BenDavid has found innovative uses for the products and shared how she uses them. “The Levo barbed lifting threads are the mainstay in my practice. They are six- dimensional (6D), multi-directional laser cut threads with a proprietary design. I also love their double cyclone threads for a more popped lip flip and their multi-threads for filling deeper depressions (such as the temple and nasolabial folds) without the need for filler.”

The benefits of PDO Max threads goes both ways. “My thread patients are happier, and results are lasting much longer than fillers and other minimally invasive options,” Dr. BenDavid reported. “And the ROI for threads is far better than with other inject- able options. I’d say that’s a win-win for both patient and provider.”

Dr. Crosby also shared her enthusiasm. “PDO Max threads benefit our practice by giving clients an alternative to neurotoxin and fillers, and also an alternative to a surgical facelift – no need for general anes- thesia, and a much lower cost for the client,” she said. “And the long-lasting results of collagen stimulation keep our clients coming back.”
With the flexibility to address individual cosmetic concerns using a superior product and master training, PDO Max is certainly helping practices increase patient reach while elevating the science of beauty.

The Aesthetic Guide | May/June 2021 |

By Cindy J. Papp, Contributing Editor

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