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Why Are PDO Threads Here to Stay? – Advantages & Popularity

Over the years, plenty of cosmetic procedures have gone the way of the dinosaurs. New technologies and methods arise, gain popularity for an instant, then vanish into the halls of cosmetic history. Electrolysis, for example, once used electrical currents to destroy hair bulbs, but has since been replaced with laser hair removal. Liposonix—once billed as a non-surgical liposuction alternative—was reportedly rather painful and delivered underwhelming results. Injectables and laser lipolysis quickly took over the space left by Liposonix. 

So, what contributes to or subtracts from the popularity of a certain cosmetic procedure? Safety, comfort, and effectiveness are clearly among the most important criteria, but there’s also an X factor, or a position in the market itself, that grants long life and widespread acceptance to some procedures over others. 

PDO thread lifts are among the most popular, leading-edge procedures available today. But unlike electrolysis and Liposonix before it, PDO Max threads are here to stay. 

Why Are PDO Threads Here to Stay? 


At PDO Max, “safety” is more than a marketing buzzword. It’s our promise to both patients and providers. From our manufacturer to our distribution center, our distribution center to providers, and from our providers to their patients, PDO Max threads boast a verifiable list of certifications and clearances, including:

  • FDA-clearance (both threads & cannula)
  • MDSAP certified
  • Company is fully insured & ISO 13485 certified
  • Manufacturer is fully insured & ISO 13485 certified 


Over the last 20 years, there’s been a gradual shift in the beauty industry. These days, people are seeking more subtle procedures rather than opting for surgery by default. This has led to a huge increase in thread lift training, especially within the medspa and plastic surgery sectors. But this trend is also driven by patient expectations. Modern patients demand comfort and a swift recovery to match their swifter, 21st-century lifestyles.

PDO Max threads and thread lift procedures have become widely accepted and in demand precisely because of the ease of the procedure. Patients and providers prefer PDO thread lifts because they’re:

  • Quick (45 minutes to 1 hour average procedure time)
  • Comfortable (no general anesthesia required)
  • Fast healing (most patients return to normal activity in 1 day)
  • Minimal side effects (when administered properly)
  • Versatile (capable of small or large results as needed)
  • Long lasting (benefits may last for upwards of 2 years)


Word of mouth is a powerful force, especially in the cosmetic industry. People notice the results of cosmetic procedures in friends and family, inquire about the treatment, and elect for it themselves. In many ways, an effective procedure is its own best marketing campaign. 

The effectiveness of PDO thread lifts is scarcely questioned by the cosmetic community. Nearly everyone acknowledges the potent benefits of the procedure, especially when weighed against its ease and safety. But among the many advantages PDO thread lifts provide, patients and providers can expect:

PDO Max Thread Lift Benefits for Patients:

  • Best results within 3 weeks with further improvements over 6 months
  • Effects lasting for upwards of 2 years
  • Fewer fine lines, wrinkles (crow’s feet, smile lines, glabellar lines, etc.)
  • Tighter, smoother, brighter, and more youthful-looking skin
  • Increased production of collagen

PDO Max Thread Lift Benefits for Providers:

  • Fantastic ROI 
  • Low material costs
  • Quick in-office procedure
  • Introductory & advanced training programs
  • Constant support & troubleshooting
  • Marketing guidance
  • A non-surgical option for reluctant patients

Are You Taking Advantage of PDO Max Threads & Thread Lifts?

Like technology, cosmetic procedures follow the adoption curve. Early adopters make the most of innovations upon their release, while a late majority and other laggards struggle to catch up after the fact. 

Laser hair removal, for instance, was first performed in the 1980s, but still took over three decades to cross the million-patient mark within a single year. Now, of course, laser hair removal is offered in nearly every medspa the nation over. By contrast, PDO Max threads are already popular and gaining momentum. Soon, providers without this treatment offering might find themselves left behind, or catching up with the other late adopters—albeit too far back to make the most of the opportunity. 

Thankfully, it’s not too late for patients and providers to explore PDO Max threads for themselves. Discover more about our training programs or explore our full line of threads.

PDO Max Threads are Safe, Comfortable, Effective, & Here to Stay!

Not every cosmetic procedure carves out its own niche in the growing market. Some thrive and some fade into memory. PDO Max threads belong strongly in the former category—the thrivers. By filling a gap in the market and offering a non-surgical alternative to other popular surgical procedures, PDO thread lifts are definitely here to stay. To learn more about PDO Max Threads, contact us today!

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