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Getting Started with PDO Max – A Guide

As a med spa operator, plastic surgery provider, or aesthetician, you naturally keep your thumb on the pulse of the cosmetic industry, searching for any advantage. In even your local market, you’ve experienced surprising rivalries with similar businesses. But the proliferation of cosmetic providers in your market and across the US is due to one startling fact: cosmetic procedures are more popular than ever before.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, over 15 million cosmetic procedures are performed in the US each year, up by 10 million in just the last 20 years alone. Combined with newer, cutting-edge cosmetic technology, this drastic uptick in procedure popularity translates to one thing for you—greater success. 

But in hot markets, complacent providers can quickly fall behind. You need an advantage that others in your area may not have adopted yet. PDO Max threads and thread lift procedures can be that advantage. 

Desire by the Numbers

Among the most popular cosmetic procedures in 2020, facelifts rose to #3 behind eyelid surgeries (#2), and nose reshaping/rhinoplasty (#1). Even the reigning champion, breast augmentation, fell throughout the 2020 calendar year to become the 5th most popular procedure. Furthermore, by some estimates, Americans spent $8.7 billion on plastic surgery in the first six months of 2021. 

If you offer surgical procedures at your practice, this is welcome news. But if you only offer laser services, injectables, and body sculpting, how can you capitalize on the surgical craze? PDO Max threads can close that gap.

The Advantage You’ve Been Looking For

PDO Max threads are FDA-cleared in cannula and PDO Max as a company is ISO 13485 certified. PDO Max ensures the utmost safety from the manufacturer to your clinic door. Even our manufacturer is ISO13485 certified for maximum accountability, efficacy, and safety.

ROI is another feather in PDO Max’s cap. Even plastic surgery providers can benefit from offering this minimally-invasive procedure to hesitant patients who are worried about surgical methods or their cost. 

PDO Max Thread Lifts by the Numbers

The PDO Max thread lift procedure takes roughly 45 minutes to perform in-office at an average cost of $2,250 to the patient and an average cost of $90-$280 to the practitioner for a potential ROI of $2,160 per procedure. Best of all, you don’t have to be a surgeon to perform the thread lift procedure. 

As a plastic surgery provider, you may charge $8,000 or more similar procedures, which require 4 hours to perform and sizable expenses in the form of surgical specialists, support staff, and an anesthesiologist. PDO Max thread lift procedures provide plastic surgeons with a more affordable, non-surgical treatment option so that they can keep reluctant patients in-house. 

Getting Started with PDO Max Threads & Thread Lifts

You’ve decided to take every measure to ensure your practice’s success within your local market. You want to increase patient satisfaction, patient loyalty, and service offerings to keep pace with an ever-evolving market. Getting started with PDO Max is as easy as following the steps below.

Step 1 – Contact Us

To get started with PDO Max, all you need to do is reach out and express your interest. We’ll be in touch with you soon to discuss our products, the services they provide, and how you can arrange for the next step.

Step 2 – Schedule Training

At PDO Max, we don’t just sell cutting-edge PDO threads in cannula; we ensure that our customers know everything they need to confidently and safely perform the procedure in their very own office.

Our training program meets you wherever you are. We’ll come to your office, speak to you and your staff, and guide you through the process step by step. We educate providers by employing a one-on-one, hands-on approach for maximum understanding. We also offer basic, intermediate, and advanced workshops for continued growth and learning. 

When you choose PDO Max threads for your office, you’re never alone. We provide constant support and can answer questions or troubleshoot with you anytime you need it. 

Step 3 – Business Support & Marketing

When your office training is complete, you not only receive a certificate of completion, but gain access to our marketing portal with content to promote your PDO threads business development as well. We’ll walk you through our current thread lineup and provide packages as you need them for smooth support within and beyond the walls of your practice. 

Step 4 – ROI

Once you’ve folded in PDO Max thread lifts among your current procedure offerings, you’ll see for yourself what this versatile technology and in-demand procedure can do for your bottom line. As part of the PDO Max Thread family, you’ll enjoy constant learning opportunities, support, and continued business growth.

PDO Max Threads at Your Practice

At best, a complacent attitude within a hot industry can only keep you afloat. A more progressive attitude is necessary when looking toward the present and the future. PDO Max threads can give you and your office the perspective and technology it needs to flourish in what may prove to be the hottest revolution in cosmetic industry history. Don’t wait for a competitor to pass you by. Take the reins and get ahead with PDO Max today.

The Advantage your Office Needs: PDO Max Threads & Thread Lifts

Start offering PDO Max thread lifts at your practice just weeks from now with our expert, in-office PDO Max training program. Our versatile thread lineup offers affordable packages for maximum ROI and our constant support means that you’re never alone—both in office and beyond it when marketing or promoting your thread lift procedures. To learn more about PDO Max Threads, or to get started with your own industry advantage, contact us today!

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