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Empowering Confidence Through the Art and Science of Face Mapping and Non-Surgical Modalities

In the bustling city of Nashville, amidst the vibrant music scene and bright lights, Keri Lea, BSN RN CANS, affectionately known as The Nashville Beauty Girl, has developed her niche in face balancing using non-surgical modalities. With over two decades of experience in the aesthetic industry, working alongside Dr. Dan Hatef, at Hatef Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics, is one the foremost experts in beauty and confidence enhancement in the South.

For Keri, her career in aesthetic medicine wasn’t just a choice; it was a calling. “I want to think that my career in aesthetic medicine chose me,” she shares. “My light as a confidence builder is what I live for; it’s my superpower. Confidence can be crushed so easily with one toxic situation, and I feel those patients are drawn to me. It’s my niche to help someone’s image aesthetically.”

Keri’s journey began in nursing school, where she honed her skills by caring for newborns in the neonatal intensive care unit before she transitioned into aesthetic medicine. In 2004, she embarked on her journey as a Botox® injector, long before the industry reached its current heights. What sets Keri apart is her holistic approach to beauty enhancement. She describes her services as “an arsenal of multiple modalities,” believing that a single approach cannot achieve the transformative results her patients desire. Through her technique of facial mapping, Keri educates her patients and establishes an emotional connection to create personalized anti- aging treatment plans.

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The next growth in Keri’s career came with the introduction of PDO Max threads, a significant device for non-surgical facial rejuvenation. The training provided by experts from PDO Max, enhanced her understanding of facial anatomy and revolutionized her approach to aesthetics. Despite being in a city where thread lifting was relatively unknown, Keri embraced the challenge of creatively educating her clientele, leveraging social media’s power to showcase real-life patient journeys and debunk misconceptions.

Keri’s dedication to her craft extends beyond her professional endeavors; she personally experiences every cosmetic modality she offers. This firsthand knowledge not only allows her to empathize with her patients but also earns their respect and trust. Her commitment to authenticity and transparency has attracted a diverse clientele, including a growing number of male clients who appreciate her genuine approach to beauty enhancement. For Keri, building a successful medical aesthetic practice isn’t just about financial gain; it’s about transforming lives. Her advice to fellow practitioners is simple yet profound: know your product by becoming an end-user, set realistic expectations with patients, and embody the confidence you wish to instill in others.

In the realm of beauty and confidence, Keri Lea is more than a practitioner; she is a catalyst for empowerment, helping her clients rediscover their inner radiance and embrace their unique beauty with confidence and grace.

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