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PDO Max Across Ages – Benefits for Every Decade of Life

Surgical and non-surgical aesthetic treatments haven’t always enjoyed the wide acceptance they receive today. In the 1990s, the aesthetic and plastic surgery communities suffered from an unfortunate reputation. Public perception of the treatments, procedures, and practitioners was less than flattering…

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Tech Spotlight: Polydioxanone – Strength & Safety

The methods behind a surgical facelift are well known. Through a process of targeted incisions, tissue tightening, fat sculpting, and contouring, facelifts ultimately take years off the face. Other treatments (like Botox®, dermal fillers, and brow lifts) are similarly understood…

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PDO Max Threads – Cutting Edge Cosmetic Technology Explored

When average people hear the word “technology,” they think laptops, smartphones, AI. But technology advances in unexpected industries too, far beyond the digital devices we’re so familiar with.  The cosmetic industry is one such incubator for cutting-edge technology of a…

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