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PDO Max Threads – Customer Reviews

At PDO Max, we’re dedicated to the pursuit of beauty. Our industry-leading PDO Max threads are purposefully engineered to satisfy the high demands of two different, but related, customer bases. Firstly, we serve practitioners—our partners in the pursuit of beauty.…

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PDO Max Thread FAQs – Answering Your Questions

At one point, you had to learn how to use that laptop, smartphone, smartwatch, or another new hot gadget. The process was likely to slow, maybe even a little frustrating, but nowadays, you can’t imagine struggling to use that familiar…

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PDO Max Threads – Cutting Edge Cosmetic Technology Explored

When average people hear the word “technology,” they think laptops, smartphones, AI. But technology advances in unexpected industries too, far beyond the digital devices we’re so familiar with.  The cosmetic industry is one such incubator for cutting-edge technology of a…

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Tara Hoyos-Martínez smiling for the camera

PDO Max Training – Expanding Your Offerings

Cosmetic professionals join the industry for a multitude of reasons. Some are deeply passionate about self-image and self-care. Others are looking to leverage their experience by offering quality, revenue-generating cosmetic services. A healthy majority of cosmetic providers (like PDO Max’s…

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Who We Are & What We’re About

More than 30 years ago, Giovanna McCarthy—a hungry entrepreneur with an interest in cosmetic services—opened the first day spa of its kind in Syracuse, NY. At the time, spa services and aesthetic clinic procedures were limited to their respective facilities—serene…

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