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Tech Spotlight: Polydioxanone – Strength & Safety

The methods behind a surgical facelift are well known. Through a process of targeted incisions, tissue tightening, fat sculpting, and contouring, facelifts ultimately take years off the face. Other treatments (like Botox®, dermal fillers, and brow lifts) are similarly understood…

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Getting Started with PDO Max – A Guide

As a med spa operator, plastic surgery provider, or aesthetician, you naturally keep your thumb on the pulse of the cosmetic industry, searching for any advantage. In even your local market, you’ve experienced surprising rivalries with similar businesses. But the…

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Perfect PDO Thread & Cosmetic Treatment Pairings

Looking and feeling your best are the goals of any cosmetic or aesthetic procedure. PDO Max threads are purpose-built for ultimate safety, durability, and longevity, but threads in combination with other aesthetic procedures provide the ultimate rejuvenation trifecta.  While a…

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